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Why is my 14 week old suddenly waking every 2 hours at night?

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MYA2016 Sun 24-Apr-16 16:16:03

Any advice appreciated...
DS is 14 weeks old and has always been a good sleeper, going to bed between 8-9pm and waking at around 5am for a feed then getting up at 8.30am
however the last 2 weeks things have got progressively worse and we're now at the stage where he is waking at 10, 12, 2, 4, 6 and then is happy to stay awake!
I don't get what's happened! Some times he's waking up screaming, others he's cooing and smiling. However even when it's the latter me and my husband cannot get him back to sleep until I've breastfed him! He won't be rocked or self settle.
He's exclusively breastfed and sleeps in a snuzpod attached to the bed.
It's starting to really grind us down... I know we were spoilt before but will this get better? ! What could have happened to make things change?
I'm really worried I'm creating bad habits by giving in and feeding him every time.
I'm also doubting whether my breastmilk is enough for him now sad
Anyone got any advice, I'd be grateful. Thanks

searchingfortheanswer Sun 24-Apr-16 19:11:27

I am in a similar boat. Except he is 19 weeks (!) and he was doing bed at 7, dream feed at 11ish and then would wake at 3/4 and go through til 6:30/7. So he has not slept any stretch longer than 5hrs ish other than occasionally.

He is number 3 blush and though the other two were not amazing sleepers (#1 did 7-dream feed-7 from 4.5 months ish, #2 took longer and was still waking at 4am after dream feed at around 7 months so I dropped the dream feed and he then did 7-4-7for a while until 8 months ish), I never had them waking every two hours...

He has been doing this about 10 days now. Waking every 2-3 hrs. Last night I let him cry a bit then went in to soothe him (repeat ad nauseam) and he went to sleep after an hour or more. Then woke 2 hrs later. Ffs.

searchingfortheanswer Sun 24-Apr-16 19:15:29

Also EBF btw though I have been trying to give him EBM in a bottle for dream feed in the hope he will take more but he will not reliably take it. A few nights of chucking BM away (one night almost 5 oz sad) has got me trying with formula first (and expressing afterwards if I didn't end up having to BF him) but it hasn't made any difference. The most I have been able to get him to take from a bottle is 2oz (on days he will take the bottle he will drink steadily but then after about 2oz is not interested).

Artandco Sun 24-Apr-16 19:23:07

How often are you feeding him? I found around 10 weeks I could feed mine every 3 hrs, but by 14weeks wa snack to every 2 hrs during the day. ( then they slept 10/11pm-7/8am)

s098 Mon 25-Apr-16 03:39:15

I think you commented on my post about the same thing the other day OP.
Tonight is the worse night so far ( also wanting to kick OH every 5 mins for snoring angry)
I did think maybe it was dd teeth bothering her but she had some calpol at about 2.15, got her back in cot at 2.30 then she was awake again at 3.15!

mathanxiety Mon 25-Apr-16 03:47:43

The Four Months* Growth Spurt/Sleep Regression is upon you.

Kellymom has some good insights and advice.

*Approximately Four Months. Can strike a little earlier or a little later.

mrsmoomoopoopoo Mon 25-Apr-16 03:47:47

There's a developmental leap around 14 weeks so that could be it.
Get the Wonder Weeks app if you don't already have it.

curlywurly4 Mon 25-Apr-16 05:30:08

Growth spurt. It's a nightmare but passes.

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