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What's your 9mo routine? Not sure if mine is right.

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FifiFerusha Fri 22-Apr-16 09:47:44

Hi. . .me again smile

Just wondered what your 9mo routine is(I know there are a few of your ladies out there with a 9mo). Seperation anxiety has hit my DS and he can't self settle but someone told me that I am not keeping him awake long enough and it should be at least four hours. Unfortunately I wouldn't be able to fit his sleeps round that dreaded school run that way so am hoping that isn't the case(also interested in other mum's routines around the school run). So mine is as follows:

WU 5 am but Infeed back to sleep until he wakes at 6am
Breakfast 7.30. School run 8.30 until return at 9
Morning nap 9.15/30 he used to self settle now I bf him for about a minute play lullabys and he asleep in my arms within minutes. . .he will cry, jump up and then play if I leave him to settle on his own in room). He used to nap for an hour but am capping this so he has a longer awake time before afternoon nap and may go down earlier so he wakes at 10 ish.
Lunch 11.30
Bottle 4 to 6 oz depending 13.15
Afternoon nap 13.20/25 he will again fall asleep in my arms sometimes with a bit of bouncing. Again used to self settle but will cry then play if I leave him and I need him to sleep at this time due to school run at 3. He wakes anytime between 14.30 and 15.00 and on a few occasion I have had to wake him sad
Tea 16.30
BT bottle 5 to 8 oz 18.15
Asleep between 18.30 to 7
He sometimes wakes 35 mins after bedtime and just needs a cuddle back to sleep. Recently he has been waking two hourly up until 11pm and again just needs a cuddle back to sleep so quite easy really.

I just wonder what I am doing wrong so would be great to see some other routines. Are my awake times too short? He seems tired all day long to be honest unless my prenap routine is conditioning him to yawn and rub his eyes.

Thank you everyone x

FifiFerusha Fri 22-Apr-16 09:48:29

I mean he can't self settle anymore, he used to smile

FifiFerusha Sat 23-Apr-16 06:45:29


ftmsoon Sat 23-Apr-16 06:52:33

IMO you're not doing anything wrong! It's your way for your child.
The only thing I don't understand is why you're waking him from his morning nap. However, at this stage, I was doing everything on demand as I only have one, but night sleep also seems better when daytime naps are made the most of. DD is nearly 2 and we occasionally wake her, but in the morning to get to nursery not from naps.

jobrum Sat 23-Apr-16 06:56:09

I would try letting him sleep for as long as he needs for his morning nap, especially if you're sometimes waking him of an afternoon for the school run. Half an hour doesnt seem long enough and if he's tired it might be messing up his sleep for the rest of the day. As for the self settling again, I think you just need to keep working at it. My dds sleep was ruined at around 9-10 months when I went back to work but I was so exhausted I just did what worked to get her to sleep.

MrsMogginsMinge Sat 23-Apr-16 08:50:59

I don't think there's anything wrong with your routine - we were doing roughly the same at that age (but about an hour later - I don't like early mornings and no school run to contend with!). I also don't think there's anything wrong with limiting the morning nap if you need to - I found DS would simply tack on a bit extra to his afternoon nap if he needed it. So if I was going to mess with one nap it was always the morning one - the afternoon one is crucial for everyone's sanity and getting through to bedtime.

So I think this is just a classic 9 month sleep regression/separation anxiety thing. Which means it will pass it in its own time. Just do what you need to get through it, but try not to do any more than you have to to get him to sleep so you don't end up having to 'wean' him off complicated rocking/shushing/singing routines!

FifiFerusha Sat 23-Apr-16 13:47:36

Thank you Mrs Moggins and everyone. That is reassuring. I am very pleased though as today I shhhed him to sleep in his cot. Just like I did when he was 4 months. I am so pleased I didn't need to rock. I just have to take a few steps back in the sleep training and regress back with it. .hence sleep regression. I am trying 3 hours awake time today as he has a cold and didn't cap his morning sleep which was an hour anyway and I will see how it goes. of course I am more laid back at a weekend. .no school run smile

mrsmugoo Sat 23-Apr-16 14:04:11

I would definitely let him sleep longer in the morning. I think at 9m mine was waking at 7 and then napping at 10-12 and about 3-4

Nottalotta Mon 25-Apr-16 22:26:06

We have finally established a loose routine at 9 months, and very recently started napping in the cot.
Wakes around 6 bf
Breakfast 7.30
Bf and nap 9.30 (30 - 90 minutes)
Lunch 12/1
Bf and nap 3/4 (30 - 60)
Bf and bed by 7
After that it's anyone's guess. Tonight woke and bf 9.40. Will come into bed with me after next wake up. Several nights last week didn't wake til 2/3 but bf quite a few times over night.

FifiFerusha Mon 25-Apr-16 22:35:37

Thank you nottalotta. I guess my naps will be a bit strange until he drops to one as I can't have him napping from 3 ( school run). Also My DS used to wake a couple of times a night for a bf and one night I just tried cuddling him and he went back to sleep. I have now stopped feeding him in the night unless I really can't get him back to sleep. However I am not sure this has made any difference to when he wakes. So sad he wont self settle anymore as this makes it all a big tricky. I worked so hard sad

Nottalotta Mon 25-Apr-16 22:44:45

It's so hard isn't it? I have worried myself over and over about ds sleep, his naps (napping on me til very recently) bf to sleep, all of it. He naps more now than he ever has, yet has always been happy so I guess he just didn't need to nap before. (never tired/whingey etc)

He has never self settled but is starting to now in thar he doesn't wake every sleep cycle. And of course, I started back at work last week and what he does with mum/Mil is very different to what he does with me!

mrsmugoo Tue 26-Apr-16 08:44:06

Do you do school run on foot or car? If on foot presumably with pushchair would he nap on the go?

FifiFerusha Tue 26-Apr-16 09:34:29

Oh mrsmugoo, how I have tried to make him sleep in the pushchair. I do the school run on foot. He will sleep in the car though. We once went to a wedding where he didn't sleep all day and I tried to get him to sleep in the pushchair. .even put a blanket over the hood to block out stimulation. He fell asleep for five mins. He is a very light sleeper and despite months of trying is yet to sleep in the pushchair. I am getting quite bored of staying in and have to often sacrifice his sleep to take DD out. Guess it is just the way of it. Maybe I need to pushchair sleep train him...ha who would have thought. He also doesn't favour a sling unless I put a cardigan over his head. Makes me look a bit strange to passer bys . I am hoping this is regression and will pass. I have also decided that four hours awake time seems to be when he wants to play in his cot and I have more success with a just over three over awake time. What is the average age for awake time now anyway. Notta Lotta, I noticed yours has a long awake time in the middle of the day. How does he deal with that? I am so confused about awake times as my DS goes from happy happy to wired within minutes and there is no inbetween time.

FifiFerusha Tue 26-Apr-16 09:36:10

Also how is your DS differentwith mum/mil? Mine is going to the childminders soon and I am dreading it. He won't even go down for a nap for DP. Argh x

Nottalotta Tue 26-Apr-16 13:18:43

Well all his naps with me are bf to sleep, and we're all on me until about amount or so ago. I have started putting him in his cot but it doesn't always work (yesterday p.m. For example, woke after two minutes so picked up and bf again and napped on me) Obviously with mum/Mil he doesn't bf! I know Mil picks him up and gets him off to sleep then puts him down. They both do pram naps too.

He has never been a tired whingey baby. When he was younger he napped for 20/30 minutes a couple of times a day, everything tells you they should only be awake for an hour but no one told him!

He does get noticeably tired now when ready for a nap. He easily manages 3/4 hrs and sometimes up to 6 (woke at 6, I had to go out and assumed he'd nap in the car, he didn't. Didn't sleep til 12.30)

Haven't really tried to get him to nap with husband as I feed him so it's me that does it. Although, thinking about it, ds has slept really well on my work days so might be worth trying to get H to try to get him to nap at weekends.

I am sure he will be fine with the childminder, are you having any practice days? Mil had ds one day a week in the four weeks leading upto my return to work. Put my mind at ease.

Nottalotta Tue 26-Apr-16 13:21:33

Usual day with me is

6am wake
9.30 nap (1hr 40 yesterday!!!!!!! A record
3.30 nap (30 yesterday)
6 start bedtime, asleep by 6.45 - 7

Some days he naps much less but this is improving. He naps well for Mil.

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