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where am i going wrong?

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s098 Wed 20-Apr-16 07:55:06

My baby is 13 weeks and until last week she went to bed when we did at around 10 and had started to go between 5-8 hours before needing a feed. Then usually back to sleep for 1-2 hour s. I do a nappy change in the night too when she wakes up as she always has trapped wind so i do bicycle legs for a bit and it usually helps.
Last thursday she seemed really tired in the eve ( usually had a power nap at about 8 in her bouncer) so i took her upstairs at 8.30 to try and see if she'd settle. She waa asleep by 9 and went 6 hours then another 3 which i was really happy with but since then shes been going less and less time before waking up. Its now back down to 3 hours then every 2.
She is still in her moses basket and does flap her arms around quite alot so i dont know if that wakes her up. She also doesn't cry just flaps about making noises.
Have ruined her sleep by moving hwr bedtime? Any advice welcome , desperate for more sleepsad

FATEdestiny Thu 21-Apr-16 21:59:16

Where have i gone wrong?

In assuming that sleep is linear and will get progressively better. It won't, baby's sleep isn't linear and will have periods of it being good and periods of it being terrible.

You could try a full sized cot if baby likes to stretch her arms out. I'd recommend removing one side off the cot and butting it up to your bed to make a bedside cot.

You could try a dummy.

You could try daytime frequent feeds as a means to encourage less frequent night feeds. I did 2 hourly daytime feeds (and naps) thro the daytime at this age.

MYA2016 Thu 21-Apr-16 22:57:15

My baby is 14 weeks today and last week I was in the same boat... I'd not moved his bedtime (always between 8-9) however he went from sleeping 8-5 / 5-9 to suddenly waking within an hour of going to bed and then every 2 hours after that.
I was totally distraught and tearing my hair out wondering "what's gone wrong"
Someone then told me it was most likely a developmental leap (also known as wonder week). And sure enough it has stopped and he's back sleeping well again (for now... just awaiting the 4 month sleep regression now).
One thing I'm learning very quickly is that with a baby, everything is a phase.
Try not to let it stress you out, hopefully it'll pick up again soon

s098 Sat 23-Apr-16 01:43:17

Thank you for the replies, she has been in the cot for the last couple of nights and she's slept about the same but it did seem easier for her to go to sleep when her arms didn't touch the sides.
I should of added before that she does have a dummy which she often takes to get to sleep but never keeps it in for long once she's asleep but doesn't wake up when it falls out.
She also doesn't seem overly hungry in thenight at the min, usually just falls asleep on me then wakes up when i put her bavk down.
It is hard not to get stressed when you feel like you've taken a big step backwards but like you say it's likely to be a phase so hopefully it passes!

GraysAnalogy Sat 23-Apr-16 01:50:03

You haven't done anything wrong at all. Babies don't sleep like us. People expect them to have sleep cycles like adults do but that largely isn't true. You haven't ruined anything, don't blame yourself. It's horrible during this time and I really feel for you. You haven;t taken a step backwards it's just a change, although one thats tough on you! The smaller sleep cycles (3 hours then wake up, 3 hours then wake up) are really common but it will get better. flowers are you on your own as well or do you have a partner?

s098 Sat 23-Apr-16 03:36:49

Thank you GreysAnalogy. I do have a OH but i am breastfeeding so doing all night feeds etc. I think even if i expressed and let him do a night feed I'd wake up anyway.
Think the nights she was staying asleep longer were keeping me going so suddenly having less sleep every night is taking a bit of getting used to!

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