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Nap time

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user1456843986 Tue 19-Apr-16 23:29:32

My four month old sleeps ok at night but refuses to nap in the day. I know she needs naps because she gets cranky if she doesn't nap and also will start looking all sleepy. I've read all the things that I'm supposed to do (set the mood, look for sleep cues, consistent routine etc) but she screams when I put her in the cot. How long do I try for a nap when she refuses. I don't want to leave her screaming and don't want to be tied into her napping on me (even this doesn't always work). Any tips? I can't deal with crankiness.

Coconut0il Wed 20-Apr-16 11:33:29

Have you tried a bouncy chair? Apart from feeding to sleep or a walk in the pushchair this is the only thing that has worked with DS2. He goes down fine at night but he does fight daytime naps.
I would try a bouncy chair, we had a cheap second hand one and bounce, bounce, bounce with your foot! I was still stuck on the settee bouncing the chair but it was a bit of time with DS off my lap grin

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