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Sleepybunny Mon 18-Apr-16 08:48:38

I've had a wide awake (but generally content) 5 month old from 1-5am

Sleeps in bed with me, but doesn't settle until 9-10pm (sort naps/feeds whilst dosing from 6-9/10pm)

Also a Velcro baby, hates prams and car seats, so lives in a sling all day.

Still breastfeeds with quite long frequent feeds at night, despite having plenty of boob access through the day.

I have a spirited but generally lovely 3 year old to entertain.

Just wanted to raise a coffee cup whilst face down on the floor to other mums who are facing a long day ahead.

Purpleboa Mon 18-Apr-16 09:21:06

Ouch! flowers for you, hope you get through the day ahead ok! You should join us on the high needs baby thread, lots of support and sharing stories there.

Sleepybunny Mon 18-Apr-16 09:44:47

Thanks purpleboa. I was telling myself that DD2 doesn't qualify as high needs, because DD1 had silent reflux and was very challenging day and night, so obviously my second baby would be a 'good' one! grin

I think I'll head on over <weep>

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