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8 month old suddenly waking more at night

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Jsy123 Mon 18-Apr-16 06:44:33

I'm a FTM and my lo has been doing pretty well sleeping. He's been waking once a night for a feed for a while which has been fine (totally manageable). He didn't really have the 4 month sleep regression, I've been putting him down awake for bed and naps since he was very young. He does have a dummy but only to initially fall asleep and most of the time he spits it out and falls asleep without it.

For the last 10 days he's been waking about 3 times a night (approx 12.00, 1.00 and 4.00). The first wake up i can usually settle pretty quick but the two others he won't settle again until I've fed him (he's breastfed). I really don't think he's hungry because I feed him plenty in the day plus he has 3 (small) meals a day. Myself and my husband have both tried settling him without a feed but nothing works.

I'm so tired because I struggle to get back to sleep after waking, it usually takes me an hour but last night I never managed to get back to sleep after the 4am wake up and I now have to get up for work confused.

Day time is fine - he takes two naps, 1.25 hrs in the morn and 2hrs in the afternoon. I've noticed on the baby monitor that he's tossing and turning in his sleep a lot and he occasionally will cry out in his sleep too. Is this just a sleep regression or it it something more? I just want to know if I need to change anything or if it's something that will pass.

bestestdoris Fri 22-Apr-16 08:59:56

Oh jsy- I hope you get some advice as same thing here! Although has always fallen asleep on bottle or being rocked which isn't helping her to self settle. Someone help us!!

FifiFerusha Fri 22-Apr-16 09:33:48

Yep, my 9mo doing the same. It is a sleep regression. Mine has Forgotten how to self settle and awake loads in the night. Luckily he just needs a cuddle back to sleep as I stopped feeding him through the night before all this happened. Seperation anxiety I think as well as meeting all those milestones, crawling etc.....I hope it passes soon for all our sakes. Good luck x x

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