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baby waking himself up farting!

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alexx2 Sun 17-Apr-16 12:38:59

My 4.5 month old DS has never been a great sleeper but in the last month or so he seems to be waking very regularly and I think the culprit are his farts!! He's mainly BF (will take the occasional bottle of formula), poops regularly, is not a gassy baby (rarely burps after a feed), is not a sicky baby (keeps the vast majority of his milk down) and doesn't seem in pain when he farts, they are just 'full body' events which seem to take a lot of muscular effort for him. Once awake he's difficult to settle and I often end up having to feed him to sleep - not necessarily a problem in itself but this can happen 4-6 times a night meaning he and I are only getting 50mins-2 hours sleep at a time and we're both exhausted by morning.
Any ideas on what might be causing the farts to be so disruptive and on how to alleviate his wind in a more sedate fashion?!!

WalkThePlank0 Sun 17-Apr-16 17:21:51

Hello. In exactly the same boat. 4 months and three weeks - never a great sleeper and wakes himself farting. I've slowly accepted that it happens when he is at the end of the sleep cycle. And ready to wake up. I've elevated the crib which helps but he still wakes up. I guess because he still feeds at night his digestive cycle is working lots.

alexx2 Mon 18-Apr-16 08:45:53

Good to know we're not the only ones!! We had his crib elevated when he had a cold but took it out so that may be why the farting is even worse now. Will try elevating again. Also read massage can help. Saw some posts about using Infacol or gripe water but not sure if this is just for younger LOs. Have you tried anything like that?

WalkThePlank0 Mon 18-Apr-16 16:15:27

In the first few months. DS would sleep for 5 hours or so and then be restless the rest of the night particularly difficult to settle around 5am. Co sleeping was the only thing that would settle him. Then 15.5 weeks which was also when the clocks went forward and lighter at bedtime his sleep patterns changed completely. He needs much more help settling at night now and wakes every couple of hours. I try and feed every three hours only and am tanking him up more during the day. It's slowly getting a little easier say every third night I'll get three hours or he'll self settle at the beginning of the night. Ive tried Infacol which did nothing. He spat out gripe water. Recently I got infant gaviscon which was a right faff and did nothing. Then I began to notice that sometimes he would fart in his sleep. So I slowly came to the conclusion that he is just not self settling quite yet and the farting is not the cause. I think 4-6 months is the time they need to learn good sleep habits and to self settle. I was quite demoralised because my eldest DS was similiar and I really wanted one that was a bit easier at night. So I'm just getting on with it now and trying to be consistent with a routine and settling and not always feeding to sleep. On the plus side I seem to be able to consume lots of chocolate and cake without putting on too much weight becaus I'm up all day with my three year old and all night with the baby. So there is that....

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