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Reassurance -sleep backtrack

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firsttimemum15 Sun 17-Apr-16 07:05:56


My little one hasn't done too bad at sleeping. I feed her to sleep and she's started going to sleep between 8.8.45/9pm.
I'm trying to pull bedtime forward to 6/6.30pm so the feed starts by 7 ish. Doing this has resulted in sleep at around 8.15pm

I was always wary of telling people how she slept for fear of it back firing. But when she first went down I'd get nice chunky sleeps of 6/6.5 hours.

She's 15 weeks now (she's 4 month at the end of this month) but has started sleeping only in 3/4 hour stints for the first part of the night and 2 or 3 hour stints after that.

She wakes at 6.30 like clockwork almost but with this new pattern doesn't seem ready to get up then.

Has anyone else experienced this? I go to bed when she does so I'm getting less sleep and shorter bursts.

Just looking for reassurance really.
I have a bedtime routine for her which is transferable. This different sleep pattern started when I went to my parents for 4 days I'm back now and it's continued but don't know if that was just coincidence. I use scent as part of our routine to create similarity and I kept everything the same while away. I always do same bedtime story and song etc

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