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2 year old won't sleep

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lovelyliz2 Sat 16-Apr-16 03:35:20

Oh dear it's 3.20 am, I've been up since 12 and I'm working tomorrow... Sleep training not going well.
I was totally against controlled crying but have come to it as a last resort after our little one was put on propanalol for 18 months, which causes disturbed sleep. She's now off it but it seems the damage has been done as she's still a terrible sleeper.
Even tried co sleeping but she just lies there and kicks me for hours.
I've done sleep training once already and she was just starting to get better but then learned to climb out her cot, so I had to move her to a child bed and it's all gone completely awful again.
The 1st week she was in new bed I stayed with her to fall asleep at bedtime and when she woke, which was probably a mistake.. She than went back to her old ways of waking several times a night, sometimes for a few hours at a time.
Now on night 3 of sleep training and I can't even get her to stay in bed. It takes a lot to coax her to bed (rocking her, lying down) then as soon as I leave the room she's up crying again.
She's quiet now but she's not in bed so I think she must be playing. Have completely childproofed the room. Have the door shut, which she prefers when I'm there and a video monitor so I can see her...
This is just so hard. Nearly 2 years of bad sleep, I reckon out f the past 700 nights I've had about 20 good ones.
She's calling me again. Back in again for the 23rd time.

SushiAndTheBanshees Sat 16-Apr-16 03:40:35

Oh dear, poor you. Just adding that my record was 27 times on the worst night, and 579 pats at the worst point of that worst night.

You can't give in though. Some of them are just stubborn things (which is good for other things I suppose). It's for her benefit. It may take longer than you'd like but she will get there eventually. And then it will all be a memory.

Good luck!

lovelyliz2 Sat 16-Apr-16 03:51:45

Thanks so much sushi yes this too will pass, good to remember...
How long did it take for you? Was night 3 particularly bad?
Not sure what to do now cos she's quiet but not in bed again. It's much harder doing this now she's not in a cot..Should I keep going in?

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