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High quality baby monitor

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WalkingBlind Fri 15-Apr-16 23:41:58

I'm looking for top of the range but don't have any shops in my area so will have to buy online and that's risky. I've seen images taken from baby monitors that look so clear and heard some have alarms if breathing stops (is that true?)

With my last child I had the Motorola one that's similar to CCTV and it broke so couldn't be portable eventually. The image was alright but I was hoping for phone camera quality if it exists (So I can see breathing movements, yes I am paranoid lol). I don't really want another Motorola.

Has anyone got any recommendations? smile

deathb4decaf Sun 17-Apr-16 22:25:04

We've got an angel care monitor, it's not a video one (they may have a video version though?) it has a sensor mat which goes under the cot mattress and detects breathing - an alarm would go off if it stopped picking up any movement. I like it because every movement (each breath!) creates a little ticking sound on our end of the monitor (it's not loud, just subtly reassuring, but can also be turned off). I find it's enough to ease my paranoia grin

Lules Wed 20-Apr-16 17:30:41

If you have a spare phone/iPod you can use as a monitor there are loads of cheap apps you can download which will use the camera on your phone. That's what I use

TimeOfGlass Wed 20-Apr-16 17:45:40

We had an Angelcare monitor - video version - with a sensor mat that alarms if no movement is detected for a certain length of time. The video wasn't as good as on my phone, but it was ok. Had an infrared mode for when the room was dark.

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