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9 month old won't settle in her cot during the night :(

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Jess0156 Fri 15-Apr-16 20:20:06

Hi, I'm just after a bit of advice as I really don't know what else to try or what to do. I have always breastfed my 9 month old daughter to sleep (I know this wasn't the best idea now!). She's gone through so many different phases of sleeping patterns during the night, from waking every hour to then sleeping through, which only lasted a month. She still wakes up on average around 4 times a night and some nights can take over an hour to settle back down. She can go to sleep in her cot some nights without me feeding her to sleep and with us stroking her head and staying with her until she falls asleep but she wakes up within an hour screaming and won't settle unless she is fed back to sleep. This continues through the night. We have tried settling her in other ways but nothing else works in the night. It gets that bad that she will just end up staying in our bed for the rest of the night at times. She is currently teething which I think is making her get up more frequently than normal. She does rely on me to nap on in the day too unless we are out and she will sleep in her pushchair. The moment I put her down in the day to nap she just screams so I give in and let her feed to sleep and nap on me. She has always been like this from day one. I feel like I've failed her in a way by doing this and not teaching her to sleep on her cot and self soothe etc. She doesn't have a dummy as wont take one. She used to suck her thumb but no longer does this. She doesn't have a favourite toy or blankie. I really don't know what to try or what I can do to help her settle herself and try and sleep more at night without wanting me constantly. Any help and advice would be appreciated. Thanks x

Purpleboa Fri 15-Apr-16 21:10:01

No advice I'm afraid as I'm in the exact same boat with my DD who's 10 months next week, but just wanted to say you are not alone. Please don't feel bad about the feeding to sleep either - we are encouraged to do this, and to feed on demand, and it's a hard habit to break - not all babies get the memo that the party's trying to be over!

My dd has never taken a dummy, refuses a bottle and has no attachment to a toy or comforter (unless you count her daddy's tape measure which she has formed a bizarre attachment to!) She's never slept through. As she gets older I worry that ship has sailed and that she's learnt only bad habits. It's so difficult.

One thing that is reassuring me is that since she started doing a few days,at nursery, she has apparently been fine to nap there in a bouncy chair! So it gives me a bit of hope.

I don't want to do CC and I don't think gentle sleep training will work for us. I'm just hanging in there and praying it will get better...

Coconut0il Sat 16-Apr-16 14:51:09

My DS2 is the same, we feed to sleep, co sleep and he naps on me. DS1 was the same and eventually he grew out of it. We moved on from feeding to sleep to singing and cuddling, then a story and cuddle. Sometimes I wish DS2 would sleep on his own but he prefers me and I don't really mind.

Nottalotta Sat 16-Apr-16 15:48:07

Snap. Almost 9 months. However, I have started getting cot naps, mostly by feeding to sleep then transferring to the cot on his front. Only sleeps 30 minutes, but then just napped on me and only lasted 20. Naps for 90minutes at Mil!

Naps are getting worse actually, but at least he's in his cot for most some of them.

We start bedtime with feed to sleep and into cot on his front. He will now stay asleep for at least 3 hrs, sometimes 5!! I then feed and am trying to put back in the cot which is fine if it's 10 that he wakes but not so easy if it's midnight. I need to keep at it though.

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