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Advice on daytime naps

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Beebonnet Fri 15-Apr-16 13:43:58

I am a first time mum with an 11-week-old daughter. For the first 6 weeks, she would only sleep on a person night or day. Now she sleeps beautifully at night in her Moses basket and only wakes once for a feed. Amazing.

However, she still wants to nap on me during the day. I have tried putting her in a Sleepyhead mattress in her cotbed but she either wakes up straightaway or after a few minutes. We repeat this a couple of times but she is obviously getting more and more tired throughout. I am cautious about putting her in the Moses basket for daytime naps as I don't want to mess up nighttimes, which are working so well.

She won't sleep at all in swing or pram and she hates swaddling. She has fallen asleep a couple of times just under a blanket in living room to white noise, but again, woke up after 10 minutes or so.

Of course I love the cuddles, so I'm wondering whether I should just go with it and let her carry on sleeping on me during the day for now - I have a carrier so I can get things done - or whether to keep trying to put her down? The other thing on my mind is that she will have to move to the cotbed soon, when she outgrows the Moses basket... I guess my indecision isn't helping, because she might get mixed messages.

Any thoughts? Thank you!

OddSocksHighHeels Fri 15-Apr-16 20:09:41

I say to go with what works - if you don't mind having her sleep on you in the day then carry on with it.

I don't personally believe that using the Moses basket during the day would mess up the nights, I used to do it when DD was that age and there was never any problems with her confusing day and night or anything.

Babies often get themselves in and out of routines as well with growth spurts and teething and weaning and stuff so you aren't going to be making any irreversible problems for uourself no matter what you decide to do.

Coconut0il Fri 15-Apr-16 21:51:23

Agree with above, go with whatever works for you. If you are happy to have her sleep on you just do it. DS2 is 7 months and if we're at home he has his naps on me. I just get a drink and a snack and watch TV while he's sleeping. He gets a better sleep and I get to relax, everyone happy!

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