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Transition to toddler bed.

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Amy214 Fri 15-Apr-16 01:32:51

So todays the first night of her transition. Dds 2 she never climbed out of her cot but i thought i would change her cot into a bed before she became too attached. Her afternoon nap was ok but she normally falls asleep in my arms and then gets transferred to bed/cot. She seemed to like this 'new bed' but come bedtime shes terrified! Wouldnt even sit on it without screaming the place down. So after 5/10 mins of telling her to lie down and telling her that she will be ok and her lamb will look after her she finally listens to her story and falls asleep. Its 1.30am and shes fallen out twice (its low down so she doesnt fall far) and has snuck out once, now shes refusing to go to sleep. Shes starts to fall asleep then bangs her feet off the mattress to wake her self up again its a vicious cycle. How long will it take for her to get used to the bed? I was hoping about a week or so which is fine but ive already felt like giving up and building her cot again confused how long did your dcs take? And how did you get them used to seeing there bed?

TimeOfGlass Fri 15-Apr-16 02:38:30

DS1 - maybe a week or two? The hardest bit was getting him to lie down and rest once he'd realised he could easily get out and play with the toys in his room.

DS2 - got rid of the cot almost a year ago , and he still won't sleep in the bed. He insists on sleeping on the floor. Even if we wait for him to fall asleep and then put him in the bed, he ends up shuffling himself onto the floor shortly after. We've had to make him another, extra "bed" on the floor next to his actual bed as a result.

Amy214 Fri 15-Apr-16 08:41:26

When i checked her this morning she was sleeping on the floor and looked comfy but i moved her back into bed and she woke up shortly after. Ill try and put her travel cot mattress on the floor tonight incase she falls out again.

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