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9 Month Sleep Regression. So tired!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Willowwisp23 Thu 14-Apr-16 10:34:52

My 9 month old dd is currently going through a sleep regression/developmental leap. Since last weekend, she has gone from taking two regular naps during the day in her cot and sleeping almost right through at night to crying every time it is sleep time.

I have now had to resort to naps in her pram and co-sleeping with me at night. I haven't breastfed much during the night since December but we are now back to one or two feeds when she wakes at 1.30am and 4.30am.

Is it ok to just go with this and hope she will start improving once this regression is over? Does anyone remember how long this spell lasted for them and what they did to cope? This one seems worse than the four month regression although to be fair, I don't really remember that all that clearly. I know it happened but clearly things improved somehow!

She is now fast asleep in her pram. I haven't even taken her out for a walk. I just stick her coat on and pretend we're going somewhere. After a few pushes she falls asleep!

I really miss our routine. Will I ever get it back?????

Willowwisp23 Fri 15-Apr-16 06:53:39

No-one else been through this I take it?!!!!!!

Smugs Tue 19-Apr-16 02:58:50


Can't give you any advice, just sympathy. Currently feeding my almost 10 month old for the second time tonight. She's gone from going down easily and sleeping through until 6.30 at the earliest to waking up twice a night and then for good at 5. Getting her to sleep is a real battle at night.

She's still napping during the day thankfully, but is irritable and unhappy when she wakes up.

I was trying and managing to wan yer off the boob before but that's out the window at night - she won't take a bottle at all at bedtime at the moment and during the day she fights it!

I just keep telling myself that it's temporary and will pass, she will go back to sleeping again and I'll get her off the boob again.

It's night 4 and I'm already exhausted. Apparently there could be another few weeks of this... confused

You're definitely not alone though!

Sorry not to have offered any real advice though! Xx

mrsmoomoopoopoo Tue 19-Apr-16 17:29:44

Willow my dd sounds exactly the same although we are going through a 6 month regression. 3/4 weeks ago she was sleeping through inher crib.
Now she will not go in her crib so sleeps in bed with me and is waking for a feed between 2 and 4 times per night. This is the 4th week of her been like this and I'm really getting feeding up!! It coincides with a developmental leap she is going through so hoping things will calm down soon xx

Artistic Tue 19-Apr-16 18:19:05

Hiya, I have a poor sleeper here. We e had every regression you can count. We only lived in regressions. The only silver lining was I stopped bf at 9 months. Just stopped. Things never really improved, until we got to 1 year when DD started running around & getting tired and hence sleep improved. Now at 18 months we are much better. I still co sleep. We rock to sleep. But she sleeps! Does wake up couple of times for a sip of water, and generally thrashes around all night. I sleep in fear of being punched/kicked any time. But it's so much better than before. I dream of a time when she'll sleep quietly without waking for 10-11 hours. I think it's all directly proportional to how active the baby is. The more they are tiring out, the better they will sleep. You have my sympathies and good luck...

sulalovesbing Thu 28-Apr-16 04:23:03

I am currently in this nightmare. Been going on for weeks and she's not even 9.5 weeks old yet. It doesn't help I had insomnia from 12.30 when I fed her until 3 when she woke up for the day. It's now 4.20 and she's in the jumperoo looking a bit glazed. I can't bear to take her up again for her to stare at me wide awake whilst I rock her and cry when i put her down. I give up. I had 3 hours sleep and basically up at 12.30. It's horrendous. I'm so down.

JewryMember Thu 28-Apr-16 04:44:58

Ugh. My DD was classically Gina Ford-trained until she hit the 9-month mark. I'm gutted to report she never slept through again until she turned two last month. I am so utterly disenchanted that with my second child (13 wks old) I have co-slept and demand-fed from the start and will continue to do so until whenever. In other words, I'm not prepared to put the work when I know it can all permanently go to shot again at nine months. Good luck.

JewryMember Thu 28-Apr-16 04:47:43

Yes, yes to sleep being directly linked to walking. My DD only began walking at 20 months and there was a marked improvement.

JewryMember Thu 28-Apr-16 04:49:08

Sula, the jumperoo will only further stimulate your baby. How is it she's in one of those at 9 wks?!

sulalovesbing Thu 28-Apr-16 07:27:05

I'm sorry she's 9 months. So sleep deprived.

I hope she'll be walking soon because today I'm the walking dead

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