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Too much sleep?

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sepa Mon 11-Apr-16 13:55:52

I am genuinely concerned about how much sleep my DD has. She probably has maybe max of 6hrs awake per day. She is 5.5weeks old.
My mum said I was a very sleepy baby but can't really remember how long I slept for.

Should I be concerned by this? I keep getting told 'wait till she hits 3 weeks' then 4 weeks then 5 weeks etc but I wouldn't say she has all of a sudden woken up.

She is very alert when she is awake.

I am already aware of the 4month sleep regression. When I discuss in RL I don't think people take me serious when I say this actually concerns me and I just get told to enjoy it while it lasts.

Does anyone else have this with DC?

peardroplets Mon 11-Apr-16 15:02:58

This sounds totally normal! Google the infant sleep information source at Durham uni. The site has a chart on how long on average babies at each age sleep. There is a lot of variation but 18 hours a day is normal!

Ps I wouldn't worry just yet about the four month regression. Not everyone experiences it x

sepa Mon 11-Apr-16 15:52:25

Thank you for your reply!

I know I sound ungrateful (especially when people struggle to get babies to sleep for an hour) but it is just as fustrating/worrisome as a baby sleeping too much.

I will google the sleep information you have suggested

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