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So I guess playing to sleep won't work, what next? Argh

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FifiFerusha Mon 11-Apr-16 10:21:55

Strange title I know.

My DS is nearly 9 months and has on and off in phases got himself to sleep since 4 months( I haven't been very consistent). He obviously prefers me helping him though. After an Easter break where I basically fed him to sleep to fit into time and also because he wasn't keen on his travel cot I thought I would come home and have to do some hardcore sleep training. I kind of did a walk in walk out thing and shh him for two minutes if he cried, so I did respond to the crying. This worked amazingly well and after two days was getting to sleep in 5 to ten mins...but on day three he has changed. Now he will just play in his cot, stand up etc... Babble to himself happily. I have tried the same technique but alas have had to revert back to rocking and feeding, although it is a fight for even that to get him drowsy.

He usually manages 3 hours awake time. A few sleep cues happen at this time. He seems to manage more awake time in the middle of the day. I tried, 2,3, 4 but two hours seemed too little for him at the start of the day. DH wondered about CC but not only is that scary, considering he doesn't actually cry it wouldn't exactly work. So what do I do? Bit confused x x. .is he ready to transition to one nap I wonder, really don't get it. Any advice or similar experiences much appreciated.

FifiFerusha Tue 12-Apr-16 10:03:48

Anyone? I have given up and started rocking him to sleep again. .ohh. Not sure if this is related to why he has suddenly stopped sleeping through. Even at the three hour awake point he wants to play in his cot. Anyone else's LO's done this? I should really wait the playing out I guess but give up easily as his naps have to fit exactly in with school run.

InsaneDame Tue 12-Apr-16 14:01:37

Bit early for the 2 - 1 nap transition. There is a 9 month sleep regression, I've always rocked/cuddled to sleep for naps (even now at 2yo!) As I've always believed the timing of the nap is more important than how they get to sleep. I've always encouraged self settling at bed time though.

FreeButtonBee Tue 12-Apr-16 14:15:31

If he's babbling, I'd leave him to it until he starts to cry. Then try comforting him in the cot (patting, stroking whatever). Sitting up or pissing about/laughing, then walk away until crying starts again.

I find a 3/3/bed at 7 works quite well. So nap around 2.5/3 hrs from wake up, next nap roughly 3 hrs later, get them up at 4pm at the latest and bed at 7. Mostly works and allows for a bit of flexibility.

FifiFerusha Tue 12-Apr-16 21:39:33

I left him to play this bedtime and he did start crying after 20 mins, but really crying, I tried the shhing and he was besides himself. He finally calmed but when I walked away he cried hysterically. I shhed and stayed with him as he was really struggling. At least that is better than rocking. However, he woke up 35 mins later as went to bed OT and then I just rocked him as I was in the middle of putting DD to sleep(she is 6 and will not sleep without me being next to her, hence the reason why I am so obsessed with making sure DS will self settle) Can anyone tell me more about the 9mo sleep regression?

Argh, just been upstairs again mid writing this thread, he woke again. Just needed a cuddle and back to sleep. .oh dear, hope he isn't going to do this all night. To top it all off DH has now told me it is my fault for not letting him cry to sleep earlier on. I am so angry, he has put him to bed four time s in 9 months, given me two lie ins and has never dealt with any night wakings. . .sorry for my thread to go off on a tangent. How can I possibly do this without support? Guess I need to be stronger sad

His awake time are sometimes a little bit longer than 3 hours as he is an early riser. His last nap has to end at 3 as I have a school run. However I try to get him to sleep by 18.30. I feel like giving up. My poor boy will be going to a cm for two days a week soon and I really wanted to sort it. Argh x x

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