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Is this common?Any advice?

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SnowWhite26 Sun 10-Apr-16 06:19:36

So I know I am lucky but my little girl has just turned 6 months. She is very happy and active in the day she doesnt really have a nap rotine as I go with sleep breeds sleep.Saying this i guess she gets tired and has a sleep about ever 2-3 hrs. She gets tired and has a bed time routine and is bed by 630. She has always stired at about4-5 and i put her in our bed where she will sleep till 7 or 8.she is in our room as atm we are in one bed.Anyway the past few nights she is sleeping a bit more solidly through as sometimes she wakes often for the dummy. She is almost rolling so i have been putting her in her tummy and she sems to sleep better. She just cant roll totally over yet but her head is strong enough etc.. she is waking at 5 like normal but not wanting to go back to sleep. She wants to start the day! Is this common? Like i said its odd as 3 days ago she just fell aslsep in our bed. The trouble is she then needs a nap at 8 and I feel that she should not be getting into the habit if getting up at 5. Has anyone got any advice. Like i said i no im lucky shes almost sleeping through but i guess when ur used to something its frustrating. The only thing thats changed is im weaning her but thats been going on a couple weeks. Many thanks

TiredOfSleep Sun 10-Apr-16 16:27:40

I found as DD began to sleep better and wake less, she woke for the day earlier. 13+ hours sleep at night is a lot. I suspect it's a mix of needing less sleep and going to bed quite early and being older so more stimulated by the transition from cot to bed so close to morning.

I'd encourage trying to get her to go to bed a bit later, perhaps by allowing a late nap, and being really boring at 5am so she doesn't have any incentive to start the day.

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