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Rabbit comforter - help!!!!

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SleepForTheWeak Sat 09-Apr-16 04:38:00

Total long shot - but we have stupidly left my 17mo DD's rabbit comforter behind when returning from holiday.

I've looked online but they don't seem to make them anymore.

She was so upset at bedtime and during the night.

So - there must have been THOUSANDS made - surely someone has one that doesn't get used?

It's a cream rabbit holding a pink/cream blanket, from marks and Spencer's. The blanket had a kind of velour feel to it.


Kirjava Sat 09-Apr-16 05:32:42


bbpp Sat 09-Apr-16 05:36:41

There's loads on eBay. I'm assuming you mean this?

ApplesTheHare Sat 09-Apr-16 05:38:14

Ebay (include year it was bought in search terms) or try another comforter. There are tons of incredibly similar ones out there. Tell your DD that her comforter went on holiday and that's why he/she looks different.

We tell 18-mo DD that hers has gone 'to work' sometimes in situations where she can't have him and she's fine with it.

SleepForTheWeak Sat 09-Apr-16 07:35:13

The ones on eBay are different - more like a fleece blanket. It will have to do if we never get the original back,

SoupDragon Sat 09-Apr-16 10:17:00

The appear to be at least three different versions on eBay.
bunny with pink striped inner ears with a pink/cream striped blanket
Bunny with pink striped inner ears with a pink nlanet with striped edging
Bunny with plain pink inner ears and a plain pink blanket.

SoupDragon Sat 09-Apr-16 10:19:08 looks velour feel as you can see the sheen on it.

InsaneDame Sat 09-Apr-16 12:57:35

Can't you contact the accommodation you were staying at to see if they can send it on to you?

SleepForTheWeak Sat 09-Apr-16 17:38:18

Soup the first one you mentioned sounds like the one - can you link me to it? The one you linked isn't the same, although if we don't find the original and can't find the same one then I'll keep that in mind.

The resorts phone lines don't open till Monday but I'm not hopeful to get t back - have left them a message and emailed them - it's a huge place and I think it'll be lost in the bedding.

You never know though!!

InsaneDame Sat 09-Apr-16 17:55:29

Maybe try and get hold of a couple in case the same happens again. Loss of comfort toy would be my worst nightmare here - my 7yo even now repeatedly assures me he will never sleep again if he loses his cuddly lobster (yep, you read right, a lobster comfort toy.....) In fact I'm surprised he hasn't lost it but I check periodically and they are still easy to buy new, even after 10+ years of owning it (it was originally bought for me by DH during our dating years as a reference to the 'Friends' episode!)

SleepForTheWeak Sat 09-Apr-16 18:00:28

I have found one on eBay - £25!!! I might buy it anyway and even if we are reunited with the original it means we have a spare.

£25!!!! shockshockshock

InsaneDame Sat 09-Apr-16 18:03:24

You can't put a price on a good nights sleep and a comforted child..... Early birthday present?!

TeaBelle Sat 09-Apr-16 18:03:47

Don't buy just yet, we may have it but I need to check in dd's room

MangoBiscuit Sat 09-Apr-16 18:05:46

WAIT!!! Let me check if we still have ours...

MangoBiscuit Sat 09-Apr-16 18:08:34

Bugger, it's gone to charity, sorry.

TeaBelle Sat 09-Apr-16 18:10:28


SleepForTheWeak Sat 09-Apr-16 18:10:47

Thanks for looking - will hold off buying until I get in contact with the resort. I really really hope they have it.

SleepForTheWeak Sat 09-Apr-16 18:11:14


TeaBelle Sat 09-Apr-16 18:11:42


MangoBiscuit Sat 09-Apr-16 18:13:44

I've just found the matching blanket. You're very welcome to it if you'd like it.

TeaBelle Sat 09-Apr-16 18:17:20

I think I've sent you a message but I've never used the inbox on here so hope it worked!

SleepForTheWeak Sat 09-Apr-16 18:21:04

I've replied Teabelle smile

Thanks Mango - think we are sorted!

SoupDragon Sat 09-Apr-16 18:25:18

[happy sigh]

Beckybooboo81 Tue 14-Jun-16 11:51:29

Don't suppose anyone knows where I can get the same bunny? 😢

SleepForTheWeak Tue 14-Jun-16 19:37:00

Oh no Becky!!

There are some on eBay but cost about £25 confused

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