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noisy wriggly sleeper driving me insane!!!

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MentalMum1 Fri 08-Apr-16 02:05:12

My 8 week old has recently started being very moody and wriggly at nights... She's not hungry, sometimes she farts but not always. She's kicking her legs and turning her head from side to side and making little noises at the same time. I've tried extra winding but nothing coming up. She takes infacol in the day for windy issues. The noises aren't escalating into crying but are keeping me awake constantly! She sleeps on our bed in a sleepyhead and won't sleep in her Moses basket. I'm not prepared to move her into her cot yet as it is in another room. Any suggestions about how to shut her up??!! confusedconfusedconfused

MentalMum1 Fri 08-Apr-16 02:06:30

Oh and she used to sleep two four hour stretches at nigh so I has been spoilt with nice sleep until last few days!!! sad

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