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All of a sudden agitated at nap time?

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twocultures Thu 07-Apr-16 14:57:36

My 11month old started sleeping through the night at about 8and a half months. He's been really good and also goes for a nap everyday around 1ish.

For the past few days he's been showing signs of tiredness around nap time and you can tell he wants to go to sleep because he keeps closing his eyes but he keeps on squirming and screaming and getting really agitated with something. He would usually just let me hold him and he'd calmly drift off and then I'd put him back in his cot but now it takes me 30-40mins to get him to nap. He woke up after half an hour into his nap today really agitated again and he just seems unable to find a comfortable position he keeps tossing and turning and closing his eyes for a second or two and then just screaming again. I managed to get him back down because he was tired but it took me another 30mins and I had to lay with him in my bed.
He does a similar thing at night he would usually settle in his cot straight away after having his bottle but now I hear him tossing around and crying a bit but after a few minutes he seems to fall asleep, however last night he woke up around 5am (he usually sleeps till 8) and started tossing and turning again it took me about half and hour and 3 tries to get him back to sleep.
At first I thought it was teething because his 3rd tooth is poking through and gave him some Teetha granules but they did not seem to do anything at all.
After his nap today he woke up really moody.

Over these past couple of days we've started gradually introducing him to cows milk instead of formula as we think it's better (+ less sugar content) for him. I don't think that is the issue however as e.g. He had milk this morning at 8 and he wasn't agitated until i tried to get him to nap around 1.15ish I'm sure if he was intolerant he would show signs a lot earlier + he eats lots of yoghurt and it never affects him.

Any suggestions?

Nan0second Fri 08-Apr-16 11:12:01

Sounds like pain. I would give calpol. I think it's really sore when it cuts through and it stops them being able to get comfy...

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