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Hourly wakings at 21 weeks...

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Clairecox82 Thu 07-Apr-16 09:17:11

Hi all. My son is 21 weeks tomorrow and is waking hourly throughout the night and last night between one of his cycles it took 2 hours to get him back to sleep...he's exclusively breastfed. I try to only feed every-other waking but sometimes it seems the only way to get him back to sleep... He won't take a dummy and im lucky if I get him to nap during the day if we're not out in pram/car seat so I can't join in on that nap you can imagine I'm so exhausted and being very adult about it and crying alot... He's never been a great sleeper used to do 4/5 hours then 2/3 then up hourly then went to a 3-2-hourly pattern and for the last few weeks has been hourly.... Help!?

Cornishclio Thu 07-Apr-16 09:59:35

How exhausting CLaire. flowers. My daughter had this with my 6 month Gd at about the same age as your little boy. It sounds like the 4 month sleep regression and there are loads of threads on this forum about it. It is when babies move out of newborn sleeping phase to adult sleep cycles and is a developmental thing. He will come out of it but it seems very variable when this is. My GD takes a dummy so my daughter and SIL spent a lot of time putting it back in again. Have you got someone who can watch your baby while you catch up on sleep during the day. My GD is FF so easier for us to step in and help out but I guess you could express a feed to give you a break. Lots more people will help I am sure with ideas.

mrsmoomoopoopoo Thu 07-Apr-16 20:15:53

I feel your pain!!
At 21 weeks my dd did the exact same thing!!
Went from sleeping through to waking hourly. It lasted 9 days and no she is back to normal.
I'm sure it will pass do don't worry.

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