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Mornings make me want to scream!

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SouthernComforter Thu 07-Apr-16 07:55:41

5mo mostly has dreamfeed before I go to bed (seems to wake naturally around then) and usually one feed in the night. From 5ish he kicks the mattress and moves his head and arms, although he's not awake. He has periods of calmness and his breathing is regular, but as I relax he starts kicking again. It's impossible to sleep through. At 5.50 this morning I pulled him up for a feed as I got so irritated. Usually that would settle him but then he was cooing and kicking about. By 6.30-7 he usually wants to go back to sleep and by 7.45 he's desperate and whingey. However 6.30 is the latest my toddler ever sleeps (usually 6.10) and putting my baby back to bed at 7 just doesn't work for anyone else.

With the dreamfeed and night feed as well I am exhausted, red eyed and perpetually irritated. I'm losing about an hour each morning and getting a broken 5.5hrs max sleep.

What can I do? Move the baby to his own room? Is the kicking likely to be wind- or poo-related?

Smartiepants79 Thu 07-Apr-16 08:03:03

If you really feel baby is still asleep just a bit restless then I'd try him in his own room. I used to find sleeping in the same room as my children hard going. Still do when on holiday etc.
Every little movement they make wakes me!

SweepTheHalls Thu 07-Apr-16 08:04:39

That says time for his own room to me!

poocatcherchampion Thu 07-Apr-16 08:07:35

My 5mo is the same and the kicking drives me bonkers. Ear plugs cut out lots of the noise but not the slam down legs.

He cot is right by our bed as her requires much dummy reinsertion. Otherwise he would be out of here!

luckiestgirlintheworld Thu 07-Apr-16 08:09:19

Is there a DP you could share the load with? With my early risers, I do anything up until 6.30am (including night feeds), then DH has the DC for a couple of hours before he goes to work while I have a couple more hours sleep. Is anything like this possible for you?

SouthernComforter Thu 07-Apr-16 08:31:00

Yes, Luckiest, DH generally deals with toddler at whatever time he gets up (and in the night if he comes padding in). It used to be brilliant cos baby slept until 8 and I'd get another hour's peace but now we all seem to be up by 6 most of the time! He does sometimes take them both but by then I'm awake and usually a bit annoyed and that makes getting off again much harder.

Maybe I could try a dummy but he's not moaning or anything. DH said he did a massive poo after I went to the spare room (ha!) so I think it's that... he also cut his first tooth yesterday. Just another 'phase' to get through eh?

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