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what to do when there is lots of them???

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howcanikeepdoingthis Thu 07-Apr-16 02:29:15

I have 14mo twins and a 2 nearly 3 year old. None of them will sleep. They wake each other. Tonight is fairly typical, twins asleep by 7, toddler by 8. When I went to bed after doing some work at 11, one twin woke up. Just as I got her settled, toddler was up, now other twin. I have not been to sleep yet. I'm so tired I could cry. Up for work at 6. What the hell do I do. Cant let them cry as one wakes other two. Need sleep. Desperate.

CheerfulYank Thu 07-Apr-16 02:46:54

God, I wish I knew! I've got 3 and they're not nearly so close in age (8, 2, 10 months) and lately it feels like one is awake every second of the day. The little two are light sleepers and I hate to let them cry as they could possibly wake up the eldest and I want him rested for school.

It's terrible. I'm so tired too. Hugs.

Lilipot15 Thu 07-Apr-16 08:04:25

Marking place! I only have two but it feels that just as we may be having a glimmer of hope with some improvement in 10 month old's sleeping, the 2 year old is screaming at bedtime and not wanting to be left, and waking up at night again. Despite quite thick doors, both of them are noisy enough to wake the other I think so I go in quickly.
We do now take it in turns (after I told DH I was on my knees dealing with all the baby's frequent wakings) which helps.
I do have some hope that I saw an episode of three day nanny where twins were waking screaming and the other one seemed to sleep through an almighty racket. I think they were at least two.

poocatcherchampion Thu 07-Apr-16 08:13:29

We've got 3. I let them cry if need be.

Otherwise it feels like they are holding you hostage as you leap up straight away, the others normally sleep through, and it is very unrelaxing listening out for every sound.

Did you get some sleep?

howcanikeepdoingthis Thu 07-Apr-16 22:16:00

Thank you for your replies. I have a 7 year old too, didn't mention him as he sleeps like a dream but I suppose we don't let the littlies cry as we are worried about disturbing him when he has school. My amazing mil has all of them tonight so I can get a good night. Wish we had a plan to deal with it as it feels unsustainable.

Lilipot15 Fri 08-Apr-16 07:43:32

Would be interested to know if they were any different at your MILs!
(And how lucky are you to have relatives they can stay over with smile)

howcanikeepdoingthis Fri 08-Apr-16 08:41:16

They all slept all night. Ffs!!! I know I am so lucky, she is my hero!

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