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Hammock safety?

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hebs72 Wed 06-Apr-16 17:49:17

Has anyone used a hammock? Our 6 week old has reflux - she's fine sleeping upright on us, but starts to cough and choke when she's put down in her crib (which is propped up at one end).

However, I'm so tired I'm starting to fall asleep with her in my arms at night, and I'm really worried about that. I've seen the Amby and Poco hammocks, and while I don't expect a miracle cure, anything that allows us all to sleep a bit more - and safely - seems worth investigating.

Has anyone got any experience of these? I know that there were a couple of deaths associated with the Amby in the US, but they seem to be because it wasn't put up correctly. TBH, even if she'd nap in it during the day, it would be a bonus compared to the current situation!

pickleandflux Thu 07-Apr-16 12:22:21

We have the pocobaby one and dd loves it. From what i read the deaths related to incorrect use. They conform to safety standards, and so we figured it would be fine. My only concern now is whether it will be hard to transition to a cot as she loves the way the hammock moves with her.

amarmai Mon 11-Apr-16 11:50:35

used a home made hammock for ds1 and ds2 for first few months . Loved it.

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