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My DD and DS won't go to sleep.....

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Baileysagain Tue 05-Apr-16 23:56:31

DD is 9 and goes to bed at 8.30, DS is 4 and goes to bed at 7.30, they both sleep in their own rooms. The problem is if DS isn't asleep before DD goes to bed they keep each other awake and it will carry on all evening with them finally going to sleep about midnight! I have a good routine with DS, dinner, bath, bed time story etc but he keeps himself awake as he wants to be with DD. We tried them in one bedroom, that didn't work, so I sit on the landing, that doesn't work either. They have reward charts but aren't getting stars for sleeping so I have cut out treats, sweets etc. They aren't bothered about iPads and blue light devices they just don't like going to sleep but then they are cranky the next day. Any advice please!

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