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Why won't DD (3.10) just go to sleep??? Bedtime saga

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DD shares a bedroom with DS (8). She got to a point about 8 months ago where she wouldn't go into her room, let alone her bed. Short term we started putting her in DS's bed to sleep then moving her to hers, but that just caused night wakings so we made the decision together to put her in his room.

All was fine initially, except she insisted that one of us lay with her to go to sleep, but not a major issue as she'd be sleeping within 10 minutes. BUT, the past 6-8 weeks she's really fidgety, messing about and not listening and taking over half an hour to get to sleep. I'm 7 months pregnant and suffering with SPD so DH has been doing bedtime since Christmas, but he did most before anyway so don't think that's the issue (they prefer his stories anyway so usually request him at bedtime!)

We're at the end of our tethers, what on earth can we do??

Rinceoir Tue 05-Apr-16 22:50:41

I can't help but have sympathy. Nursery let my 23month old sleep for 2.5 hours today (usually naps 60-90mins) and she is sitting in her cot singing now. I'm exhausted.

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