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advice about the sleepyhead

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confusedlilly Sun 03-Apr-16 02:41:23


I have a 3 days old ds, he is a big boy born 10lb 13oz, he is quite long aswell as chunky.

We have a chicco next to me crib, but he has quite a strong startle reflex, I have tried swaddling but he quite strong and gets his arms out. I have read about the sleepyhead but not sure whether it will be worth the money or is he going to get too big for it too soon?

Can anyone advice on using one with such a big baby, how long it will last? And have will it fit in the chicco next to me crib?

Thanks smile

IndomitabIe Sun 03-Apr-16 02:54:41

Hi confused,

No experience of the sleepyhead but I did save the attached post from a convo about them.

Also, we've been using woombie swaddle pods that zip all the way up. So far DS2 hasn't got out of it! (8lb14 & surprisingly strong).

bulldogmum Sun 03-Apr-16 03:41:42

We have a sleepyhead and DD is 4 weeks old. She was a lot smaller when born but now she's 9 1/2lbs. She is very long though. Her sleepy head is in the stokke home cradle which is smaller than the Chico next to me so you'd have no problem fitting it in.
The sleepyhead has an opening at the end so as they get bigger you can open it up.
With DD I reckon we've got 2 more months if that before she's grown out of it for sleeping. So as your DS is bigger I'm not sure how much time you'd get.
After that it can be used for tummy time etc.
It's a shame because she's loved it for sleeping!
Also she hates having her arms restricted so we gave up on swaddling. She much prefers a looser blanket over her when asleep. So your boy may just not like having his arms swaddled...try keeping them out and just wrapping the rest of him?
Good luck!

confusedlilly Sun 03-Apr-16 08:43:59

Thank you for the advice. I think I might try and see if we can make our own.

In the end I brought him downstairs where we have a Moses basket and he went down fine in there, I think it's just because there is more space around him in the next to me crib.

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