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2 year old waking in night and getting violent

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Purplelooby Sat 02-Apr-16 00:03:38

My LG (just turned 2) has recently been ill and has been waking in the night for the last fortnight. However for the last few nights her waking has been accompanied by hysterical screaming and violence. It's hard to tell whether she is properly awake as it feels like we've 'lost her', but she won't let us touch her or even sit on her bed, let alone put her in our bed. If we get too near she goes for us in whatever way she can but she gets even more upset if we leave the room. It's very upsetting to watch her. Tonight once she finally calmed she asked me where the steam train on the tracks was... so nightmare? Can 2 year olds retain dreams?

Anyway I can cope with the lack of sleep but not seeing my baby girl in this state. We feel helpless. Her brother is very sensitive and has 'meltdowns' on rare occassions, it does kind of remind me of this.

Any ideas/help much appreciated.

WifOfBif Sat 02-Apr-16 18:13:59

It sounds like it might be night terrors/nightmares. They do usually pass but upsetting to watch your little one have one.

Does she have them at regular times of the night?

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