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Milk overnight

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Lovewatchingrainfall Tue 29-Mar-16 19:55:46

Wondering if you could give me your thoughts. How many of you still give your toddlers milk overnight.

Brief bit about DD born with major medical conditions, a vast amount of operations, never slept through the night is currently 3.2years.

We managed to get rid of the bottles at 2 and a half and ended up with a juice cup thing and also around the same time gave up dummies. She has never been a good sleeper will only sleep a max of 2 hours at a time and is awake most of the night takes 2hours to settle her at night and then an hour each time during the night I get roughly 4hours a night sleep not all in one go and we are up at 5am.

My big question is should she still be having milk overnight she has one juice cup full when she goes to bed and then i do two half full cups. Should I do this or just give her water overnight?

Sorry about long post currently been sat on her floor 2.5hours :-(

BackforGood Wed 30-Mar-16 00:05:24

Well, mine all gave up milk during the night, when they gave up bottles (at 1), but I don't know how all the medical conditions have impacted on your dd, so I wouldn't want you to think there is only one way.
That said, I would be on my knees now with such a miniscule amount of sleep flowers
I would have to make some changes for my own sanity, and the way that impacts upon my ability to cope during the day.

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