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I cant get my 11 month old to sleep alone or alnight!

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PumpkinPie12 Tue 29-Mar-16 03:28:15

Hi all! First post here and im looking for abit advice.
My little man is 1 in 2 weeks yay but im having massive problems with his sleep and sleeping arrangements.

Im so deprived of sleep i have no other option but to really ask for help from others now really.
Ill start of with a typical sort of routine:

8.30am: Oscar wakes up
9.00am: Oscar finally has Breakfast
10.30: 4oz bottle and a nap
11.20/11.30: Wake up time play with toys.
12.30: Lunch and a 5oz bottle
1pm: More playtime
2pm: He has another nap
2.45/3pm: Awake time another bottle 5oz roughly give or take
3pm til 4.30: cuddles with daddy, time with daddy etc
5pm: Tea time followed with a 5oz bottle rough guess
6pm: Oscar wants to nap. If refused he screams until he naps.
6.45: awake time and bath/wash
7.30pm: food before bed and a bottle of roughly 5oz again.
10pm: starts to rub his eyes
11.45pm: finally asleep!
2am: 4oz bottle
4.30am: 3oz bottle

Thats basically an average day but can someone tell me where im going sooooo wrong. I know hes having a late nap in the evening but if i refuse this nap he screams and screams (the neighbours have even been knocking my door before to his screaming asking if everything is ok?!). How can i possibly keep him awake and going?
Im really at my wits end im sooo tired i feel like a car running on an empty tank. He refuses to sleep in his cot violently shaking it and screaming.
Would putting him in a toddler bed in my room work? Or is he to young?

I have no idea what to do :'(

Thank you

PumpkinPie12 Tue 29-Mar-16 04:06:47

Also if it helps, he does have a dummy which he uses at sleep tike i refuse this through the day as i believe he would prefer his dummy over milk or food, he falls asleep on me with him putting his arms on my neck and me lying down cuddling him on my chest with my hands on his bottom tapping it gently... He also has snacks alday inbetween each of the 4 meals. We did co sleep around 6 weeks ago for a week or so, we had a gas leak and had no heating and we have single glazing shock but this has stopped around 5 weeks ago or just under Not to sure if this info will help but just incase smile. [Hmm]

Hope everyone gad a lovely easter smile

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