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Advice on 10 week old outgrowing Sleepyhead please

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MYA2016 Sun 27-Mar-16 14:34:26

My 10 week old baby boy slept on me till just over a week ago, when he suddenly started settling in his Sleepyhead / Snuzpod combo. He's slept brilliantly, considering he's breastfed he's been sleeping 9pm - 6am without waking, then 6.30am - 9am.
However this expensive Sleepyhead is almost very nearly outgrown already! Considering they advertise It suitable for upto 8 months, I'd say he has 2 weeks max left before he's totally outgrown it.
Anyway, as he's only very new to sleeping on his own I'm really stuck as to what to do!
Does anyone have any suggestions?
I'm thinking:
1. Leave him in the Snuzpod with nothing
2. Leave him in the Snuzpod with rolled up blankets around him
3. Buy him the bigger Sleepyhead and bring the cot into our room
4. Buy him the bigger Sleepyhead and put him in his cot In his own room

I'm really conscious of the fact that it took 9 weeks to get him confident to sleep further away, I don't want to end up going backwards!

Any advice would be appreciated smile

ViolaMummy Sun 27-Mar-16 15:30:29

How big is your baby? My DS only settled in the sleepyhead as well, and he slept really well in the small one until he was about 6 months. He's a big baby and long too - I always thought that he looked a bit squashed but he really liked being that snuggled up! After he outgrew the smaller sleepyhead I got him the bigger one, which lasted until he could stand up and get out of it (at about 8-9 months) when it got a bit dangerous to be honest. We had to go 'cold turkey' and get rid of it - had a couple of random nights with DS crawling and standing up a lot, and then he settled fine without it.

In your position, I'd have probably bought the bigger sleepyhead and taken the cot into my room but it's not the cheapest option! Having said that, the larger one will last you for a few months. Is he too long for the small one? Or too wide? You can open the end up so their legs can poke out the bottom!!

MYA2016 Sun 27-Mar-16 15:44:09

Thank you for the info. Yeah he's really long! 50th percentile for weight, 98th for length. His feet are about an inch from the bottom of the sleepy head. Although he's long I thought it'd last a little longer!
I would open the bottom put but as it's in the snuzpod there's no room to. But I like the fact he's right next to me as it saves getting up in the night when he stirs. If we bring the cot in there's not space at the side of the bed it'd need to go at the bottom but I'm not sure of this will be too big a change for him...!?

ViolaMummy Sun 27-Mar-16 20:42:50

I never used a snuzpod but they are quite small right? If he's a big baby he may outgrow that pretty quickly I guess? I'd probably go for the cot and bigger sleepyhead option and see what happens, after all if he hates it you can just put him back in the snuzpod right next to you. I'm not sure about the rolled up blankets as they might not be recommended (risk of suffocating?!) but I'm really not sure about this one, sorry. I totally get you about wanting him right next to you though...In your situation I would have probably annoyed DH and slept for a couple of nights across the bed (uncomfortable I know - DH would have probably slept in the spare room!) next to the cot until I was sure that DS was happy. But that might be an extreme choice!

Skiptonlass Mon 28-Mar-16 07:53:47

Can you sew, or do you have anyone who can? They are really easy to make if you do. You just need a couple of m of basic cotton, wadding, a cord and dome baud binding, all easily findable online or any fabric store.
There are free patterns online - especially Swedish ones (Google sy dit egen babynest.) they're really popular here. We have a homemade one and it's fantastic.

fluffikins Mon 28-Mar-16 08:05:36

Just open it up, they look squished but they like it like that he won't have outgrown it.

I had the snuzpod and it opened up fine to give another 4-5 inches at least

andadietcoke Mon 28-Mar-16 08:26:56

My DTs are 2.5 and still in the bigger Sleepyheads. I'm hoping to use them as bed guards when they first move into proper beds. If it's any comfort the smaller ones sell well on eBay. I got £80 for each of our's including a spare cover.

lcoc2015 Mon 28-Mar-16 09:56:03

Where do you get the "bigger" sleepyheads?

fluffikins Mon 28-Mar-16 10:00:11

John Lewis and nct sell sleepyhead grand

DartmoorDoughnut Mon 28-Mar-16 19:58:19

I bought the bigger sleepyhead once he outgrew the baby one and it's fab for going away as he still feels like he's in his bed, he's 18months now.

SouthernComforter Thu 31-Mar-16 07:24:32

My 20-week-old is a big boy and we bought the bigger sleepyhead. However I think he still sleeps better in the small one (in my bed) as he's snug and the bigger one doesn't give that cocoon like feeling. That said, his sleep has been terrible recently but I'm putting it down to change of location (we're visiting relatives) and 4-month regression.

Nan0second Thu 31-Mar-16 10:59:13

Honestly, you need to open the bottom. They're supposed to be squished in there - it's how it works! My 90th centile baby was in it until 7months... (Inside a full size cot with the side off so it came right up to our bed)

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