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Dream feed waking

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SnowWhite26 Sat 26-Mar-16 23:04:40

My baby is 5 and half months. She goes down at 630 and then has a dream feed and nornally stirs at 4ish. This week every night after dream feed she is taking over an hour to settle. She wakes herself up for a dream feed. I dont no what to do. She spits dummy out and chats to herself and wont settle. What can i do? Thanks x

FifiFerusha Sun 27-Mar-16 10:03:36

Mine did exactly the same as that. He always woke for the dreamfeed between 9 and 11 and it made me wish I had never started it. After a while he stopped waking for it at about 7 months so I just stopped it. He did go through a phase though of not settling after it too, for a couple of weeks but it passed. Just hoping yours does the same. I wondered whether it was a bit of wind so rocked, winded...the lot.. to get him back to sleep. Not sure if this is much help as if you little girl is babbling she may just be having a little bit of awake time before she is ready to sleep again. If it takes an hour for her to get back to sleep I guess that may just be how long it is going to take sad Hopefully it will pass. Good luck x

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