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Gentle night bottle weaning that works for a toddler?

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AnnaBanana25 Thu 24-Mar-16 06:08:28

So we tried CC last night but very much feel it's not going to work for ds (21 months). Had anyone for any stories of weaning off night bottles in a gentle way that worked?

It is only one bottle a night and any other milk he has in the way is from a dippy cup. At night he has a sippy cup of milk then goes to sleep in his cot with no issues. He has gotten used to 6oz milk from a bottle in the night and I think it's become habit he wakes up for but also he doesn't know how to settle without it in the night. He has a cuddly toy he takes to bed so he does have a way of settling.... he's adimant in the night that he wants his bottle. Anyway, any ideas of how to cut this out?

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