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Ideas to help early waking DD (3.5) go back to sleep in the morning?

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minipie Wed 23-Mar-16 20:36:41

DD has always been a sleep resister and tends to sleep a bit less than average. However she actually needs average or even more than average amounts of sleep (she has a medical condition which makes her particularly tired). Result=tired, grumpy and difficult DD.

At present she is waking early in the morning, usually 5 something - this morning was the worst at 4.45 (having gone to sleep at 7.45). Obviously she was knackered and had a nap 12-1.15 but was clearly still tired after that.

How on earth can I get her to sleep longer? She is a very "wired" child and as soon as she's awake, she's wide awake and chatting to her toys. If I try to persuade her to go back to sleep she says she isn't tired or can't sleep.

She has a gro clock but this just means she stays quiet(ish) till the sun at 7am rather than going back to sleep.

I wondered about something to help her relax back into sleep - maybe something like Ewan the Dream Sheep but not sure if anyone has ever tried it for a 3yo? Brandy perhaps?

I've also read about wake to sleep but am terrified it may backfire and she'd be awake from 3.30!

Any ideas most welcome...

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