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Sleep Training Relapse or Clompy Stompy Neighbours?

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Finduscrispypancake Wed 23-Mar-16 19:21:47

My DS is nearly 13 months. He's been sleeping through since we did the Andrea Grace gentle sleep training method at about 8 months. Before this he was up almost every 45 mins- hour on the boob and I was on my knees. The training was hell for a couple of nights but by the third it was done and DS and me were so much happier for it, with only the odd night wake up when teething or poorly since, but he was always quick to settle back down again.

About 3 weeks ago he started waking again - not every night but maybe 2 or 3 times a week, always around 10/ 10:30 and is almost impossible to settle. I am trying all the Andrea Grace methods, including Calpol a cuddle and drink if he ever seems totally distressed and in pain, but still it can take 2/3 hours to get him back down. Last night I woke up on the floor of his room after almost 3 hours. I'm finding it really weird that he's so hard to settle and wondering if anyone else who's done sleep training has had this issue? I could book a follow up with Andrea - I think I've used all my tiger token freebie email questions up- but I'll have to pay and I'm not sure if she's going to just suggest the things I've already been doing.

The other piece of the puzzle is that we have newish neighbours upstairs. A really nice couple with a 3 month old. When DS wakes up, it does seem to coincide with them going to bed. They are really stompy - heavy footed- but otherwise very pleasant and am concerned about talking to them about it as a) my DS screams like a banshee and they may well be being polite when they say they can't hear him b) can they really do anything about their footfall anyway? Their bathroom is above his room.

I'm trying to work out if it's worth talking to them and creating an issue or if it's unrelated and just a blip in the training?

Thank you for any words of wisdom.

InsaneDame Wed 23-Mar-16 22:13:25

Sorry, no advice about the sleeping other than little ones change their sleep patterns many times over the first three years and are easily disrupted in that time - hence why sleep training will generally have to be repeated.

About the neighbours - having lived with terribly noisy and inconsiderate neighbours for 7 years in the past I can give you some advice. We complained, write letters, knocked on their door and to be honest it just made them worse. I would really make sure it was defiantly them bothering him before saying anything. Three of the 7 years coincided with the first three years of ds1's life and no matter how noisy they were (loud music, garden parties, and their stairs and bathroom sharing his wall) they never actually woke him up, it was me being more aware and bothered by the noise. I now have ds2 and the noise he sleeps through with my eldest getting around the house I would be surprised if it were your neighbours.

Teething maybe? First molars were hell for us!

Finduscrispypancake Thu 24-Mar-16 07:35:05

Thanks Insanedame.
I think you're right about the neighbours. Mine are very sweet and I definitely wouldn't call them inconsiderate- though she does like to hoover at nightconfused but I'd much rather have a pleasant friendly relationship with them than create an issue. Last night I heard their baby howling while mine was screaming his head off, so my DS could just as easily have woken their kid. And I don't want to get into that with them!
All is worse as my DP is away a lot so am having to deal with it on my own. Single mums I don't know how you do it am totally in awe!

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