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swaddle to gro bag - it's not working!

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Queazy Wed 23-Mar-16 09:32:07

My 12wo son is too big for his swaddle blankets and it's getting too hot in our room! He sleeps in a sleepyhead mattress on an old nightdress of mine in a swaddle. He also sleeps on his side with a rolled up blanket to keep him in place. I wanted to put him in a gro bag now so I can use the right tog for temperature. His arms wake him up!!!! Any tips at all?

Annarose2014 Wed 23-Mar-16 09:35:55

Yeah we had the same thing and I ordered a special thing from Jojo Maman Be be.

It's called the love to dream Swaddle I think? It's a grey zip up one where the arms are kept in and raised up by the ears.

It was great. I ended up buying the next size up when he grew out of it. And then by the time we went into a gro bag he was old enough that his arms weren't jerking anymore so it was easy.

Annarose2014 Wed 23-Mar-16 09:36:42

By the way it's only made of t shirt material so def won't be too hot.

Queazy Wed 23-Mar-16 12:06:40

Thank you! I'll have a look at that. I think mumsnet have a code for 10% off JoJo. I bought a sleeping sack from there but it's really thin and I'm not sure he'll ever sleep in it!! xx

Cathster Wed 23-Mar-16 18:44:26

I have been using the love to dream swaddle for months now, DD always slept with her arms up so the shape of it really suits her.

Of course we are now at the stage where we need to wean her out of it as she is almost rolling so I've had to buy the one with the removable wings! I'd recommend if you do buy a love to dream going for that one as you can keep the wings on as long as you like but saves you having to buy another one when you need to wean him out of it (although at 12wo it will probably be a while)

43percentburnt Tue 29-Mar-16 12:42:40

We zipped the grobag up with ds arms inside it, so the arms were trapped by his sides. It worked perfectly, he occasionally wriggled an arm free - ours had poppers at the arm holes.

CityDweller Wed 30-Mar-16 22:07:51

Ah, we had this issue. DS is/was a terrible face-rubber, so if his arms were free he'd wake himself up rubbing his eyes/ face. This meant the Swaddle Up thingy didn't work for us because he could still rub his face.

Once he grew out of his swaddle blanket I put him in a sleeping bag but just swaddled his arms - you can google it to see how to do it. Basically, it pinned his arms by his side so he couldn't get them up to his face. We had to do this until he was about 4.5 or 5 months old.

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