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Disappearing Chair - sleep training

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HeffalumpHistory Mon 21-Mar-16 22:32:13

Please please tell me how to get through this!!!

DD will be 8months on Friday. Never been a good sleeper, mostly likes to bf to sleep & stay in my arms/be in bed beside me.
It has always been like this but she was teeny then she was very poorly at a couple of months and after not being able to hold her in hospital I just didn't want to let her go when we got home.

A few weeks ago we tried about a week of me sitting by her cot & patting her so she knew I was there. It was going ok but she was always ending up in with me by middle of the night. I have an older child so just can't do completely sleep deprived by sitting there all night.

She got a nasty cold & the whole thing went to pot so tonight I have started again. It's killing me already. I know we both need this, I'm so tired & also have pulled muscles due to sleeping propped up or in weird positions that seem the only way to make her comfortable (& poor DP hangs out the bed when I have dd latched onto me)

She won't take a dummy or bottle. This has been tried for months.

Any advice most welcome!

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