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1 week into going cold turkey with the dummy

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hfullwood Mon 21-Mar-16 10:00:37

Sorry I realised I posted this in the wrong section preciously.

Hi all,

I am having such a difficult time at the moment and could really benefit from some advise. My daughter, who is now 8 months old has always been a bad sleeper, we've tried everything including a bit of controlled crying but nothing seems to work. We have had a few days where she's slept through but they are extremely rare.

About a month ago she started waking every 1 hour for her dummy so 6 days ago we decided it was time for it to go. She only had it for naps and nighttime sleep before but she started being dependant for it. Everywhere I read, said that after the first 3 days, things would start to improve. Well they haven't at all.

Every nap we have a real fight to get her to sleep but she does end up going whilst sucking a teething ring. (But again she's still sucking something so I don't know if that's the right thing to do). At night she's the same but wakes up around 3 times and will not go back to sleep without a feed. I am breastfeeding her and before she was waking for a feed at 5ish and that's it whereas now I'm feeding her three times in the night and at 5. So I don't really know if removing the dummy has done us any favours as she's replaced the dummy with my boob. She's not waking so often but it's just that naps and nighttime sleep are terrible, it can take an hour to get her to sleep. I've tried carrying several comforters around with me but she won't take to anything.

Those of you who went cold turkey with a dummy, when did things get easier?

I really don't want to give up as I've read that the earlier you get rid of it the easier it is, and we've had 6 terrible days and nights already. I have been co sleeping to make things easier at night but it's still difficult.

I do know that we are probably in the 8 month sleep regression too but we've always been in some regression as she's always slept bad. sad

Thanks in advance

Nan0second Wed 23-Mar-16 21:50:07

I think the reason that it's not worked is because you've replaced one sleep prop with another two. The quickest resolution will be to go cold turkey on all of it - either by controlled crying (or slower gradual retreat). She would need to go in the cot totally awake and learn to get herself to sleep. That's the only way it works in 2-3 nights! (Worked in 1 for us - it took 72 very long minutes - well for the dummy anyway)

Nan0second Wed 23-Mar-16 21:51:06

Google precious little sleep website and object permanence for a great explanation

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