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Am I doing things wrong?

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TitusAndromedon Mon 21-Mar-16 06:54:55

My twin boys are four months old. They go to bed at 7pm and go down easily. They are often still awake when we put them down and they drift off on their own. One will sleep until 5am or so. The other was sleeping until sometime between 3am and 5am, but now he is waking between 12am and 2am. Every night I intend to settle him back to bed, and every night I end up just taking him into bed with me instead. I don't mind, really, because we both get more sleep this way, but I'm concerned that I'm creating bad habits. For a number of reasons, including having to get rid of the double bed in the nursery once they are too big to share a cotbed, this can't be maintained long-term. Should I be making a better effort to settle him back to sleep in his cotbed?

TitusAndromedon Mon 21-Mar-16 17:00:13


Coconut0il Mon 21-Mar-16 19:48:19

I would go with whatever gets you all the most sleep. Twins must be exhausting! I have DS2, 7 months, in with me as he sleeps much better. I'm not worried about bad sleep habits as DS1 was the same and he grew out of bed sharing (not till he was about 3 though blush). If you don't mind I would just carry on with what you're doing.

LadyPriggsbottom Mon 21-Mar-16 20:15:01

Agree with above - if you both sleep better together, then I would just continue doing it personally.

I shared quite a lot with my dd when she was between 7 and 9mo - she had been fine in her Moses basket and cot till then, but think it was maybe some sort of sleep regression that started it - she kept waking a lot in the night and wouldn't settle in her cot. There is a regression at 4 months too, so maybe that's what is happening with your ds (I am no expert at all btw - just remember hearing about the 4 month sleep regression a lot). Anyway dd totally went off sharing with me when she was about 10mo and is in her own cot now every night. It really wasn't difficult for us to make that transition, so I don't think any bad habits had been formed by our bedsharing.

TitusAndromedon Mon 21-Mar-16 22:16:37

Okay, I'll stop worrying about it, then. Besides, once they're too big to share a cotbed I'll pretty much have to get used to settling them in a chair, so I guess I should enjoy this while I can!

FaithAscending Mon 21-Mar-16 22:20:13

They're so little! Fwiw we got into terrible bad habits with DD but did some (gentle) sleep training at about 7 months old and it was fine.

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