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Baby waking screaming...

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cejx Mon 21-Mar-16 00:20:18

My boy, 7 months today, usually an
Ok sleeper has the past week started waking and screaming hysterically in the night. He doesn't want food, isn't wet, room good temp, but I cannot console him - in fact me picking him up seems to make him worse. I'm trying the controlled crying thing, but listening to him is breaking me. Has anyone any advice? Should I or shouldn't I be leaving him? Thanks. Claire xx

winchester1 Mon 21-Mar-16 01:10:15

Is he teething or coming down with something?
Could you shhh or play his to help him resettle?

cejx Mon 21-Mar-16 06:54:01

I think his teeth are rumbling - he has had ALL the remedies, classic FM Is playing to him, he saw the doc in the week and no ear infections etc... It's been the fifth night, and so out of character. I'm exhausted!

fieldfare Mon 21-Mar-16 06:57:03

Might he be having night terrors?
Their brains are processing so many new things he might just need some comfort from you but as he's still really asleep picking him up is disturbing him too. Have you tried sitting next to his cot with your hand on his tummy giving him a little rub and shushing him, talking in a quiet, low, reassuring voice?

cejx Mon 21-Mar-16 09:38:45

Yeah, I've left an item of mine so my smell is there and have sat there shushing, but he just screams. I'm trying my hardest not to pick him up (not that it works), but letting him know that I am there. Fingers crossed for tonight. Thank you for your help. X

fieldfare Tue 22-Mar-16 08:28:43

How was last night? Any better?

FifiFerusha Tue 22-Mar-16 09:33:23

My DD(although she is now 5yo) did exactly the same and all I could think it was was teething. That powdered stuff worked the best but I think we ended up having to give her calprofene. It happened on and off for a while so I guessed it was teething. could be the same with yours? My DS(8mo) doesn't seem to have such a trauma with it. My DD still reacts in hysterics to even the slightest pain smile...little characters.

If it is teething it will pass and I wouldn't worry too much about giving a cuddle.. he may need it. Is it a pain cry?

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