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I'm starting to dread night time again

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ohthegoats Sun 20-Mar-16 10:31:08

Teething with molars, child already a diabolical sleeper.

Last two weeks I've been lucky to get 3 hours sleep a night, I'm on my knees. 17 month old, never been great but beginning to sleep through here and there, has started waking, clearly in pain, every 40 minutes or so. Feels like we're in the midst of 4 month sleep regression again, but this time I'm back at work and there is much less sympathy or understanding!

Ammi missing any miracle options? We alternate calpol and ibuprofen from about 6pm onwards (which is when she starts to get bothered by her mouth, having been distract able for most of the day), I do teetha powders every 2 hours overnight and bonjela or dentinox whenever she wakes too.

Anything else I can do? It's been going on for a fortnight and still only one tooth has actually cut... cry....

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