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? teething ?!#@

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lorza03 Sat 19-Mar-16 20:48:53

My baby girl is 16 week +5 days and for about the last 6 weeks has been sleeping in the night ok. I'd put her down between 7 and 1/2 past and sleep well til midnight- I'd dream feed her and she'd probably then sleep until 4/5 am. I have been coping with this ok at least I get some sleep. As my partner works away in the week. But this last week she just won't sleep at night! She goes down as normal them wakes up an hour later. I feel so fustrated as I am confused at why. She doesn't appear to be teething no red cheeks,dribbling..etc... can any one help or relate to me.oh also she is always fed a small amount of bottle before surely she can't be hungry. .!

sophiaslullaby Mon 21-Mar-16 05:46:43

I can relate - my DS is now 18 weeks but his sleep changed to how you describe your daughters at similar age. I put it down to the sleep regression. I thought my DS was teething as he does dribble a lot and chews everything, but he doesn't wake up distressed &doesn'the chew hands ato night....I can't explain it but instinct telling me he's not waking because of teething.

At 18 weeks his sleep got better again, fed at 11pm and 3am, then up at 7.30 am for the day.
Tonight? I've seen my darling baby every 2 hours! ! Exhausted! So I sympathise, if it's the sleep regression I hope you get through it quickly ;-)

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