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Evening sleep tips!

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Dweeby Thu 17-Mar-16 20:29:43

I just wondered what you all do to put your baby down in the evening for bed? Like a little routine?
I have heard that a bath is good to wind them down and signal it's time to go to sleep but my 4 mo DD doesn't like baths so they aren't very relaxing.

Up until a few weeks ago we just used to have her sleeping on us in the evenings but we want to put her in her cot now.

For the past few days I have been feeding her to sleep in her room but I am breastfeeding on demand so the timings don't always work out- she isn't always tired at the same time that she is sleepy and vice versa!

Thanks so much in advance

DangerMouth Thu 17-Mar-16 20:36:08

We bath, feed, put to sleep in dark room. I bf dd1 but would try to time her feeds so it worked, dd2 is ff so much easier to time. Started about 8 weeks for both. Dd1 loved the bath, dd2 did not! But l started singing to her while she was in and it took no time for bath to be fun.

We started this routine malarkey with dd1 as we travelled a lot (including long haul) and it meant she always knew when it was big sleep time.

It worked so well with dd1 we just naturally did it with dd2 smile

KW89 Thu 17-Mar-16 22:13:36

With DS1 we started a bedtime routine at about 8 weeks, DS2 has just slotted in to the same routine as DS1!
Like you we found that a bath didn't help settle DS1, so moved it back a bit earlier.
Our routine is as follows:
6.00 bath
6.30 pyjamas on and go back downstairs
6.45 lights dimmed DS1 (2.5y) has milk and a cookie at his snack table (so do my husband and I!) while DS2 (7 months) has a bottle. Once DS2 has finished and been winded he is put into his cot awake, we place a hand on his chest and usually he will drift off within 10 mins or so.
7.00 DS1 cuddles up on the sofa with either me or my husband (whoever isn't seeing to DS2, we tend to take it in turns) and chooses a couple of story books to read until 7.20. He then gives hugs and kisses, says goodnight, upstairs, teeth brushed and bed, DS1 is never a problem going to bed, hoping DS2 will follow him!
With both of mine I have not let them nap past a certain time as babies so that I know they will be tired by 7ish. DS1 dropped his nap at 2, DS2 has two naps and I don't let him sleep past 4.30 in the afternoon.

sophiaslullaby Sat 19-Mar-16 19:07:22

With DS (4 months)we go up to bed at 6pm and bath (won't bath every night, suffers with eczema and can make it worse), 6.15 in nappy/PJ's/sing songs/gentle play (anything to get him to dress without wriggling/crying etc!)
Then it's into sleep bag and turn off the main light together
Then I feed/cuddle while reading a story by dim light.
I always end on a short 'night night' poem/verse that I found when he was a newborn, seems to help signify that it's time to sleep. I then TRY to put him down in his cot awake.
If really awake he'll whinge but better than putting him down fast asleep as he'll go to bed beautifully.....then wake up half hour later crying!! usually as i'm tucking into my dinner!
The whole routine takes just over half hour - depending how long the story is - and i never leave his room except to bath him.

Dweeby Sun 10-Apr-16 21:32:56

Sorry I have only just got back to you guys but thank you so much for replying. We have tried bits from all of your replies and have had success and reclaimed a lot of our evening! We don't bath every night, try to time her feeds so she feeds just before into babygro, back downstairs for a gentle kick about on her blanket with her cuddly bunny and with me singing Twinkle Twinkle. Then up to her bedroom to get sleepy (but not asleep) in my arms. Not brave enough to put her down completely awake at the moment but hoping I will be able to gradually put her down more and more awake. Hoping it's enough of a routine to let her know it's bedtime.

sophiaslullaby Sun 10-Apr-16 22:18:03

That's great if you're seeing success, keep doing what you're doing. They'll always be set-backs &nights where nothing goes to plan but roll with it, I often find that after a bad night follows a great night!
I've also taken a step back & don't always put my son down awake but I KNOW he can fall asleep when awake so it's just how I feel I can cope at the time, what I mean is do not stress too much over needing to have her awake when putting your DD down. If she's going down to sleep in her cot &staying asleep for a good length of time then GREAT! ;-)

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