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Baby hungry at night but not in the morning

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Effiethemonster Thu 17-Mar-16 08:45:15

Dd is 4.5 months and ebf, she goes to bed between 7.30-8.30 by either self settling with a dummy or by me feeding her to sleep. She wakes up 2-3 times overnight for feeds, generally every 3 hours or on a good night 4.

I always try and reinsert the dummy initially to see if she just wants that but she generally continues to cry, I also try bringing her into he bed and cuddling her (we have a co sleeper cot) but if that doesn't work then I'll feed her. Recently though she seems to be having an early feed say 4.30-5.30 but still waking up between 6.30-7.30 but she's not hungry at this time, in fact this morning she last fed at 4.30 and I offered her a feed and 7.30 and again at 8.15 before putting her down for a nap but she had a few gulps but really wasn't interested and is now napping happily away. So she now hasn't fed for 4.5 hours, why can't she do this at night?!hmm

Is there anything I can do to encourage her to push through the night and have a big feed in the morning? She rarely goes more than 3 hours even at the beginning of the night even though I try to feed as much as possible during the day.

Or should I just roll with it for now?

Thanks soz for rambling.

FifiFerusha Thu 17-Mar-16 10:40:22


My DS has always done this since that age and now at 8 months still does. He wakes between 5 and 6 feeds and usually goes back to sleep until 6.30 or beyond. I don't even try and feed him after that until after 9 now as he just gets a bit angry. If he randomly wakes earlier than 4 I also feed and he still won't take the morning feed. Doesn't fit In well but I learnt to go with it. I also always fed DS in the night when he woke anyway. Never tried to night wean him and he kind of dropped the feeds anyway. I just thought it was easier feeding him back to sleep than stressing over other ways to get him settled. Maybe I was a little lazy though but at nearly five months it is probably completely normal for them to want to feed every three or four hours(some every 2, argh). Hope that helps x and yeah, roll with it for now, at least that's what I am doing.

Newmumma85 Thu 17-Mar-16 11:04:15

Don't have any answers unfortunately but my babies very similar. Fed every 3 hours during night until 6 months (filling himself up & not taking morning bottle) and now at 8 months (wakes twice now) has bottle at 5 and then won't take another bottle until 11 or 12am. I'm just trying to go with it at the moment and he's dropped feeds since weaning but tired of hearing "he's spoilt" or that I'm too soft for feeding him during night confused

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