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dd won't self settle

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nicg85 Wed 16-Mar-16 10:10:12

She's 20 weeks old today and can't settle herself to sleep.
I've tried feeding her until she's nearly asleep then putting down but she's wakes up and cries.
Yesterday I left her to cry for 5 minutes but then picked her up as I didn't like to leave her crying.
Is she too young to try teach her to self settle? Or do I have to teach her? Or will she learn herself as she gets older?
She will be going to nursery in5 months. What if she still relies on me to get to sleep then? Will the nursery assistants get her to sleep? Surely they won't have time to hold her til she goes to sleep?


NameChangeIe Wed 16-Mar-16 10:11:48

She's still tiny, if you're happy setting her to sleep don't change what you're doing as you'll both get stressed. 5 months is a long way off and huge for her developmentally

DangerMouth Wed 16-Mar-16 10:16:52

She'll get there. Dd2 is nearly 6 months and does it sometimes and other times l have to rock her to sleep or give up and bring her into bed with me

I stressed about this with dd1 but they really do get it in their own time.

Nursery will have their own way of getting her to sleep. And 5 months away is double her age now and look how far she's come smile

MrsJayy Wed 16-Mar-16 10:21:01

She wil be 10 months at nursery that is a lifetime in baby years she will be so much further on, you could try shushing her in the cot stroke her face or head till she drops off the

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