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Sleep book recommendations

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Gingernut81 Wed 16-Mar-16 08:51:33

DD is 6 months old & will only nap on me, in pushchair when out & about or in car seat. I know I need to start putting her down on her cost but she just wakes as soon as I put her down & screams blue murder. I know she can go to sleep on her own as she does at night. I've been looking at books on sleep/napping but I have no idea which are any use. If anyone can recommend any I'd be grateful.

Zaurak Wed 16-Mar-16 11:35:14

They all say roughly the same thing to be honest, you just choose how far along the leaving them to cry spectrum you want to go. Everything I've read, and every sleep consultant plan that's been kindly emailed to me, is one or a mix or the following:

Pick up put down
Gradual retreat
Controlled crying
Cry it out

I think it's like dieting. The concept is simple, the execution is not and anything will work if you stick to it.

The best one I've read on naps (Heidi someone or other) says pick three times of the day, say 9, 12,3 and twenty mins beforehand start a pre nap routine, making sure child is fed, clean nappy and relaxed. Get child to nap however you can and resettle if they wake. Stick to those times religiously and eventually they'll get it.

Admittedly ds hasn't...

There's no magic bullet, pick how much crying you can deal with and be consistent.

Gin may help.

Gingernut81 Wed 16-Mar-16 17:20:37

Ha ha, I like the idea of a gin based plan grin

fluffikins Wed 16-Mar-16 18:56:24

I'd recommend the no cry sleep solution and the gentle sleep book by Sarah ockwell smith. Neither involve any cc, coo, pupd etc

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