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should I drop the dream feed?

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SnowWhite26 Tue 15-Mar-16 21:08:20

I started dream feeding my daughter at 3 months. she was waking at 2 every night not eatting much so dream fed her befoe I went to bed and weaned her off night feed. She then would wake at about 5ish. Ahe then went through the 4 month sleep regression and got a terrible cold where sge she stopped taking her normal 7oz evety 4 hrs in the day.She is now over all that but will at a push take 7oz in the day feeds but mostly 5-6.She has her final feed at 630 and then a dream feed. She now wakes in the night for a feed but its all over the place when. I dont know whether to drop the dream feed and just wait for her to naturally wake up as its a pointless feed as she is waking in the night.We tried the other day and she woke at 11 then took 7oz then woke at 2 although i managed to convince her to sleep till 330. Has this happened to anyone else? I think she might be waking at dream feed out of habit but still feeds! Any advice... Thanks

FifiFerusha Wed 16-Mar-16 20:18:09

Yes, my son did this. I got used to him also waking for DF anytime bet. 9 and 11, then NW at 2 , then at 4 or 5, wake at 6. At 5 months he mostly didn't wake at 2. Then he started to not always wake for DF so I only gave it if he woke. I properly forgot about it a month ago as now DS is nearly 8 months and solids are fully established so he doesn't need it. Go with the flow, I played around with the DF a bit but kind of felt bad that I introduced it as I never knew DS's natural feed or waking pattern at night. My DD however really took to DF and slept until 7 am after it from 4 months. . .they're all different x

SnowWhite26 Wed 16-Mar-16 20:38:47

I tried just waiting for her to wake but then she woke at 11 one night and 1130 the next. Both my husband and me were just falling into deep sleep and so decided to keep it for now. I am now trying to drop night feed. Yesterday she woke about 3 times from 230 but didnt cry justbchatting and smiling so soothed back to sleep. She ended up in our bed at 5 coz she settled there. I think ill get rid of dream feed when on solids like you Fifi.x

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