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8 month old

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Kaz4755 Mon 14-Mar-16 09:12:27


I have posted before but things got better and now things are getting worse again and I feel like I'm not making any progress. My dd is 8 months old and for the past probably three months has consistently (touch wood) gone down for an hour in the morning and an hours nap in the afternoon, she settles well but does use a dummy. She goes down well at night, again with a dummy, and we have had 7 nights a couple of weeks ago where she has only woken once per night and then last Wednesday she actually shock horror sept from 7 til 6 but since then I have been up at least three times a night and last night was 7 times. She only has one tooth that has just come through but I'm not sure it's teething as she doesn't sound in pain and she mostly settles quite quickly. As soon as I hear her start to cry in the night I'm automatically up and out of bed trying to stop her, should I be letting her grumble/cry for a few minutes. I always feed her at least once a night and if I really can't settle her twice. Could the dummy coming out be a problem? Do I need to get rid of the dummy? Ridiculously the hv advised me to tell her the dummy fairy had taken it away, I explained she is 8 months and would not understand and she told me to turn it into a game for her hmm . Do I need to get rid of the dummy if I am going to let her cry for a few minutes or is it ok to use it to pacify her when I go into her? Help! I so thought she would be sleeping by now, she is my first. I feel so on edge every evening and I'm dreading going to bed, i love her so much though I hate hearing her upset!confused

FifiFerusha Wed 16-Mar-16 21:11:44


Just bumping for you really. Are you sure it isn't teething? My 8 mo woke more often last week because of teething. He didn't sound in particular pain when waking but it may have just been a little uncomfortable. I applied a bit of Bonjela at night, not that it made much difference. If it is teething, maybe the dummy shouldn't be taken away. I don't know too much about this though so hopefully someone will come along with better advice. Don't feel bad about going to bed every night dreading the night ahead. I think we all do that.

Good luck . .and funny what your hv said, funny or worrying? smile

Coconut0il Wed 16-Mar-16 22:35:26

DS2 is almost 7 months. He still wakes at least 3 times a night, it was definitely worse just before his first tooth cut through. I just feed him straight away back to sleep.
Of course it's ok to use the dummy if that's what she needs. Please don't dread going to bed, it's not forever. Some babies just take longer than others to sleep through. I always feel I hear lots of tales of babies sleeping through but lots don't. They change so fast and I know from DS1 that the sleepless nights soon become a distant memory.
confusedat HV advice.

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