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Back to work.

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DarlingSon Sun 13-Mar-16 03:36:17

Hello everyone smile just looking on thoughts and maybe advice on how to overcome this... I'm back at work after maternity now have been for just over a month, I'm a support worker I do morning, afternoon and night shifts. My little one now 11 months has always been a good sleeper always sleeps from roughly 6-6, waking up for the occasional night feed and goes straight back in his cot to sleep no problems. Since I have been back at work when I do night shifts my oh said he's sleeping through the night no problems, yet when I'm home of a night now he goes to bed fine but a few hours later starts to wake frequently and will not let me put him back down, he's only settled on me the only way he will sleep is if I either let him cry which I hate but luckily it's only 10 mins and he's back to sleep or bring him to bed with me and he's such a fidget I don't really get any sleep with him in bed with me lol. Does any one know why he might be doing this all of a sudden on my return to work? Of course I thought it's because I'm back at work as he's used to being with me all day everyday, but I thought it's night time how does he know if I'm here or not as when I'm not here he doesn't wake at all, it's not that he hears my voice or anything either. Thankyou for reading 😊😊

mummysally15 Sun 13-Mar-16 08:18:05

This is really frustrating and I sympathize. Not sure how to answer yr question about why he is waking up but my 11 month old also started to wake more recently and absolutely did not want to go back to sleep in her cot. (After being a good sleeper) There have been no major changes but she is starting to walk and sometimes reaching a milestone can affect sleep, could it be this with your LO? Anyway after a night with her in my bed and not sleeping at all (she is wriggly!) I decided to put her back in cot even if she cried. Awful but felt I had no choice, we both needed sleep. Crying lasted about 10 mins, I stayed with her and soothed her as best as I could and was consistent, did the same after every waking and after a few nights things were much better... Until another tooth came! Hope things get better.

DarlingSon Sun 13-Mar-16 11:29:18

Funnily enough it's exactly the same here, he is learning to walk has taken first steps and can do shirt distances with encouragement. Also the first night he was like this a few weeks back the following morning a new tooth did appear! The only thing I can think of is that the oh doesn't hear him through the night (as he magically doesn't hear him when I'm home) lol. He's sleeping fine but as soon as you stand up to put him in his for he wakes up and cried before you even have him back in it and he's never done this before so here's hoping it's just whilst he's mastering walking

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