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Dreadful cough keeping us both awake!

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getyourfingeroutyournose Sat 12-Mar-16 02:31:29

4yo DS has been ill for two weeks now, first with a tummy bug and now with some sort of cough/cold (mainly cough) since about monday/tuesday. Spoken to doctor and been told just to "persevere" and continue with cough medicine and calpol unless I suspect there is a chest infection (I don't at the moment and I'm on my knees begging for it not to turn into one).
Main issue is the poor kid can't stop coughing all day and night.
He's been mostly asleep but it can't be good that he is being disturbed every few minutes for these coughing fits and I can't sleep at all because of the noise coupled with my darling wonderful DP's snoring (like a chorus of angels farting loudly into some sort of amplifier whilst simultaneously riding harleys with bears and lions running alongside them, snarling and roaring with pride grin)

Please tell me someone has a magical potion or something I can do to help DS with this cough?? It's driving me up the wall. He just woke up for a drink which I gave him along with some cough syrup but I'm wondering if I can try something else?

Friendlystories Sat 12-Mar-16 03:23:22

Have you tried Vicks on his feet? Seems to work for some people and not for others but worth a try? I didn't think for a second it would work but DD had a really nasty cough a few weeks back which was disturbing her at night so I tried it, a good layer on the soles of her feet and then socks over the top. She slept all night without coughing more than once or twice and had no actual coughing fits at all, didn't wake up once. I did it again the next two or three nights with the same results so can't have been a fluke although I will admit to being sceptical. Have heard others say it had no effect so obviously doesn't work for everyone but can't hurt to give it a try, hope your DS is better soon flowers

getyourfingeroutyournose Sat 12-Mar-16 03:35:11

I think i tried that before and it works but I haven't got any in sad I will have to get some tomorrow.
Thank you, he seems to have settled but now I have the cat kneading my head lol. if it's not one thing, it's another!
Thank you for the advice I'll make sure I grab a tub tomorrow.

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